We did it! Our Remodel Recap

It has officially been six months since we broke drywall on this project, but we can finally say that we are finished! It’s actually been finished for about a month now, but there were little odds and ends that needed to be painted completed before I could finally snap all those before and after photos.

The last hurdle we had to jump was to paint the bi-fold laundry doors white. We’ve been putting this project off for a while because of all the lattice pieces that would have to be deglossed and painted. But, salvation came in the form of my wonderful sister, Lanie, who decided to come and spend the weekend with us since she successfully defended her thesis for her masters program! She wanted to get out of the house and do a little celebrating and we were more than happy to help her in that endeavor. So, we did some celebrating and then some sweatshop painting. 🙂

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Laundry Room

Lanie was a great help in painting. We also had some fun by heading over to “Creative Canvas” for a sister’s night out and actually doing some FUN painting. I even made the comment to Lanie that I couldn’t believe after all the painting at the house that I would actually elect to go paint for fun. Ha!

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse SistersNightOut-003

Anyway, on to what you’ve been waiting for … BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!!! When putting these all together it was hard to believe that our kitchen used to look like that.  It’s definitely come a long way and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Here is the finished remodel:

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Remodel2

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Remodel

Here are the before and afters:


Tore out the paneling and installed new drywall (posts here, here and here)
Installed new Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Wirebrushed Elm
Installed new crown moulding, baseboards and door casings
Painted the ceiling

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen6

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Dining Room1

Moved cabinets over the peninsula
Painted and installed old cabinets in new layout
New 180fx Formica brand countertop in Soapstone Sequoia
Installed old doors with new hinges and hardware
Installed a natural stone backsplash
New back door installed
LOTS of caulking and painting

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen7

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen4

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen2

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen8

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen5

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Kitchen9


ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Hallway

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Hallway2


ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Living Room

Oh and last but not least, here are some of our Christmas decorations in the kitchen and dining room. It’s not much, but the baby Jesus manger scene has a few extra characters:

ScottandAllieBuyAHouse Christmas

There are still lots of mini-projects to go, but we are calling this project complete! Thanks for checking in on our crazy lives these past few months. If you missed out on some posts or just want to see how we completed each step, click on the links under each heading in this post or at the top of this page titled “The Kitchen Remodel” or click here.

Oh and sometime within the next week or so I’ll have a complete cost break-down. This entire project cost us about $7,000 so I’ll let you know how and where we spent that money.

– Allie

UPDATE: We are still completely in LOVE with our remodel … especially our countertops! If you want to check out how much this entire overhaul cost us, go here. We break down every part of the project, where we went over/under budget and where all that money went!


13 thoughts on “We did it! Our Remodel Recap

  1. You guys are truly an amazing team. Love your energy and “get it done” attitude. So glad I’m related to you. 🙂 Pray that you have a most marvelous Christmas. Love ya.

  2. What a beautiful transformation. I work with Formica Corporation … Care if we feature these on our Facebook page and on our Before & After Pinterest board? We will, of course, link to your blog. 🙂 Let me know.

  3. Not sure how I found your blog, but your kitchen/dining area is so much like ours, and you did pretty much exactly what my husband and I want to do to ours! I’m so glad I saw your pictures to help give me an idea of what it could look like, budget, etc. You did a great job!

    • Thanks, Heather! Best of luck to you and your husband on your remodel! We have to do our best updating these old homes. Haha! If you ever have questions on materials, costs, etc we’d be happy to provide extra insight. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

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