I’m in love with my kitchen…

I’m smitten, folks. And I was constantly singing “I’m in love with my kitchen” (to the tune of T-Pain’s “I’m in love with a stripper”… don’t judge, it’s a catchy song, albeit terrible) this entire weekend. Scott and I took off Thursday and Friday to recover from our 17 day stint of traveling/working at our real jobs to make up for lost time on our kitchen remodel.

Man did we accomplish A LOT!  We installed new hinges and hardware on the doors and hung them all … ALL 27 of them (!!!) as well as primed and painted the kitchen and dining room. We were spent, but when you see the final product, it’ll make you wanna sing “I’m in love with their kitchen…”  Haha!

*Disclaimer: This post contains a ridiculous amount of photos. It should probably win a prize or something.

First up: Drilling all new holes for the hinges

This was Scott’s job, and boy did I not envy him whatsoever.  We could have used our old hinges, but they were nasty, golden/bronze color that we didn’t quite fit into our whole vision. We could have spray painted them, but for under $100 we could have all new ones. So, that’s what we did.

We knew we wouldn’t be able to find hinges that matched up to the EXACT holes that we had in the doors, so we filled all the holes and were free to choose any hinges we wanted the cheapest (but not too cheap!), prettiest looking hinges we could find.

One thing we couldn’t find was a hinge template. So, we did our own little installation method that went something like this:

1.) Measure down 2 inches and mark where the first hinge, screw hole will go:
2.) Match hinge up with the line and fill in all the other hinge holes:

3.) Use a nail punch to start the holes for the drill.  (Our drill bit was pretty crappy and wouldn’t drill exactly where we wanted it to. So, by using a nail punch, this made all our holes perfect.

4.) Drill the holes

5.) Match the hinge up and drill in the screws
IMG_4168IMG_4160 IMG_4159

Ta da! This is probably not the “advised” way to do it, but it worked for us. All our hinges came out perfectly.

While Scott was busy doing all this, I was measuring where the doors would hang. This consisted of measuring the door, then measuring the opening the door would cover. Subtract the opening measurement from the door measurement to get the height and width. Then, mark that on the cabinet frame, stick painters tape along the lines, use a level to make sure it’s all even, then more to the next door.

No lie.  This probably took 2-3 hours.

Once Scott finished up installing all the hardware and handles, he helped me finish up

IMG_4190Once all the tape was up, it was time to install the doors. With each door, we had to hold it in place, make sure it was level by using the tape lines and a level, and then mark the holes for the top hinge:

IMG_4191Once again, we used a nail punch for the holes, because these really needed to be perfect. Once the holes had been nail punched, we held the door + hinge back up and simply screwed the screws in, no pre-drilling. Then we did the same with the bottom hinge.
We repeated this 27 times and actually only took about 2.5 hours to get all the doors hung.  It went WAY faster than we could have imagined. We even found out that Scott has spider-monkey skills too!


So, here is the photo you’ve been waiting to see this entire post:

2013 Kitchen RemodelWAY awesome, is it not?! Here’s another:

Oh and I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we painted this weekend too. I primed all the new drywall and then carried the Moonshine color from the hallway in the dining room/kitchen.  And no, I’m not lazy and forgot to paint the bottom half of the walls. We are carrying the board and batten into these rooms too.

IMG_4212Here is what it looks like against the backsplash:

And we also realized that our doors are REALLY antique yellow.  It’s almost funny until I realize we have to paint them!

So, on this 2 month remodeling anniversary (well, almost) here is a look on how far we’ve come:

2013 Kitchen Remodel1The real transformation comes this next weekend when my parents come to help us install the new hardwood floors.  Buh-bye ya ole stinkin’ yellow-brick laminate! This project is almost complete, and we are sooooo excited to see it done!

– Allie











5 thoughts on “I’m in love with my kitchen…

  1. It looks so unbelievably awesome! I’m almost giddy thinking about coming down there this weekend! I can’t wait! I’m taking off work early on Friday (and dad is too, whether he wants to or not) so we can get to work!

  2. I am so proud of you guys, you did a beautiful job, if you ever get laid off of your jobs you could go into the remodeling business

  3. You two are awesome!!!! Such precise (anal) perfectionists. 🙂 I would hire you in a minute.
    I was looking at our paper today and I saw a picture that made me do a double take. It was a picture of Ben Aflec and I guess he was promoting the fact he was going to be Batman. That picture looked just like Scott. I had to really look at it hard to tell the difference. So maybe this could be your third line of work as a double for Ben. heheheh I’ve been thinking about it all day. Hope you guys have a great time this weekend, and stay cool.

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