Down with Brown

Kitchen Remodeling Theme = Down with Brown

The weirdos that Scott and I are, we found ourselves chanting this phrase as we tore down the kitchen cabinets last weekend.  Besides inhaling copious amounts of drywall dust, the whole demolition phase of the remodel was quite euphoric.

The first thing we did was take off all the doors and the “crown molding” around the top of the cabinets.  I use quotes because it really was just a slat of wood.  It was closer to molding than crown in that department.

Next, we had to figure out how these things were hung.  We optimistically thought that they were being held by screws and this would be simple.  Um … yeah … no.  We hammer-punched a hole into the drywall to see what was in the bulkhead, just in case there was electrical wiring.

Thankfully, there was no electrical stuff up there … just a ton of our blown-in insulation.  Eeek.  That’s some nasty stuff.  Scott earned his Super-Husband status that day by spending an hour in our 115 degree attic scooping this insulation out of the section we were going to rip down.  At first he was convinced that it was asbestos.  I assured him that this would have come up in our home inspection if it was.  BUT, just to be safe, I researched it and sure enough, it wasn’t. 🙂

After clearing all that out we still couldn’t tell how the cabinets were hung up there.  So, unfortunately we had to cut a hole into the top of the cabinet to get a better look.

Here we realized, that yes, these cabinets have been nailed in.  Pretty much the original owners took two 2×4’s and nailed them into the ceiling joists. Then they lifted the cabinets and nailed horizontal nails into the 2×4’s.  So what did we do?  We took a crowbar and muscled the 2×4’s from the ceiling joists.  I don’t have a photo of this since I was on “catch the cabinets” duty.  Haha!  But …. we got them down!!

It’s amazing how much they open up the place!  We were like giddy school kids.  We were literally jumping up and down and doing crazy So You Think You Can Dance dance moves.  Thankfully no one was videotaping that!  Here is a photo of the 2×4’s and nails:

The next thing on the agenda was to take down the bulkhead.  Since the frame of the bulkhead has been covered in drywall, this was the first thing to come down.

Boy did that make a mess.  Everything was covered.  We also were not surprised to see that the bulkhead framing was nailed in too.  Unfortunately we really couldn’t muscle this down.  So enter our new favorite tool – the Sawzall!!!  That baby came down real quick:

However the very top part of the bulkhead frame was still up there.  So, we had to pry that down:


And then the clean-up began.

So, with a new gaping hole in our ceiling we had to patch that up.  I don’t have any photos of that, but I do have the finished product!

Yes, we are a couple of cheezeballs.  The only thing left to do was to sawzall the nails off the top of the cabinets:

And here is everything cleaned up!

We are sooooo pumped!!

Jeremy our contractor is coming over tomorrow morning to install the base cabinets that he built and to re-install the upper cabinets onto the West wall.  So, once all that is done, he can measure for our new countertops which will take about 2-3 weeks to get in.  In the meantime, we will be painting fools.

Oh and we also purchased all our hardwood flooring.  More on that later!!!!!!

– Allie


3 thoughts on “Down with Brown

  1. So glad Scott put on tennis shoes. That really worried me with all that construction that he would step on something or worse – drop something on his little toes. It is really looking great and your guys are doing a magnificent job!

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys are “over the top” – so glad to know we are related to some cheezballs… 🙂

  3. I soooo wish we were there! It’s really looking great! I can see why the two of you were so giddy when the room opened up! It really looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see what it looks like with the new base cabinets. Awesome job!

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