2013 Kitchen Remodel

Scott and I like a good project, something that tests our creative limits. Although we are pretty fearless in painting and refinishing, when it comes to construction or plumbing or anything else that requires an average of 12 YouTube video tutorials, we get a little nervous. Ultimately, we (or maybe just me) will incessantly watch all those videos and then dive head first into whatever project we are tackling.

We’ve already updated a few rooms in the house, a few spaces outside, and some small scale furniture refinishing, but we are looking to really makeover our music room and living room in 2014. Stay tuned for some fun updates in those areas as we may try to tackle built-ins (gasp!) and perhaps even a desk … and shelving … and stenciling? … wait, that’s getting too crazy, but very tantalizing!

Check out the links below for a sampling of our favorite completed projects:

DIY Pallet Signs

Refinishing a wooden front door

Making Homemade Peach-Strawberry Ice Cream

Painting our Living Room (aka – Down With Brown 2.0)

Laying Pavers Around Garden Beds

Potted Patio Plants and Pretty Pallets

DIY Canvas Wall Art

How to make the best game ever for under $10

Living Room Updates: It’s getting fancy

Music Room Closet (Let’s get organized, baby!)

Ideas for the Music Room

Thrifted dresser made into an entertainment center

DIY Tree Slice Ornaments – $0

Laying a Paver Patio

More Thrifty Finds: Dresser + Table & Chairs

Fixing a leaky shower faucet

Refinishing a Thrifted Oak Table & Chairs

Thrifty finds for $40

Choosing a door paint color

Adirondack Chairs

Installing a New Kitchen Faucet

Painting the Guest Room

Painting Our Bathroom & Some New Hardware

$15 Entry Way Side Table

Psst: If you are looking for projects related to our Kitchen Remodel, head over here.


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