Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas is in full swing at our house! Christmas lights are up our halls have been decked and our house is filled with the scent of potent Christmas cookie-smelling candles and the sweet sounds of Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” jazz tunes. It truly is a wonderful time of year!

This year we were on the ball with our Christmas cards and they have been sent out to all our family and friends. Some wonder, “why bother sending those out?”; well, because I love doing it and it’s a way of saying, “Hey! We are thinking about you and your family and hopefully this card brings a smile to your face.” My mom has always sent Christmas cards out each year and I guess it’s a tradition of sorts that has been passed down. So, without further ado, here is our card for 2013:

2013 Christmas

I made this card through Mixbook. I love that website because they let you customize your card. So, for the back of the card (right side of the photo) I got to type all that up rather than have something pre-made. I love them!

Right before Thanksgiving we decided to go ahead and put up our Christmas tree and exterior lights since we had a couple warm days. Plus, I wanted our house to scream “CHRISTMAS!” after we returned from Thanksgiving with our families.

New folder1

We may or may not affectionately be dubbed the Grizwold’s of our street. Ha! 

The lights were actually our Christmas gift to each other last year. Yes, we are practical gift-givers. This year we made a promise to not spend more than $30 on each other. Some people might think we are crazy, but Christmas is not our Birthday, and we feel that no one should feel obligated to give us gifts or that we should go broke giving gifts. We strongly believe that gift-giving should come from a place of love and should be sincere and heart-felt. 

Alright, on to the interior! Our tree was a $35 Craigslist find and is decked out in all our favorite ornaments. These include our “first” ornaments from when we were kids and also a collection of mouth-blown and hand painted, German Inge-Glas ornaments that we received as a wedding gift.


New folder

This past weekend we had a pretty crazy ice storm move through our area that dumped a bunch of sleet and freezing rain on us. Thankfully the power stayed on and we didn’t have any damage!  

New folder3

The photos above were taken only about halfway through the storm. Our patio ended up completely white and it looked like snow … but it was some thick ice! Below are our lights with icicles from the freezing rain:


Before that weather system moved through, our trees in the back were covered in gorgeous, yellow leaves. So, sorry for all the random photos, but I couldn’t help but share our house in “fall” mode:

New folder2


*I always keep our fall wreath up until the the first day of winter. So this guy still has a couple weeks!

I also realized that I haven’t give you all an update on the house since the end of September!!  We are pretty much done, but have to paint one more coat on the interior side of our back deck doors and paint the laundry room doors … then, we are DONE! I got into the mindset that I didn’t want to share anything more until it was all done, but things kept popping up and I kept saying, “Not yet, not yet.” So, my apologies on that! 

That’s about all I have from our side of the street. I am going to make a vow to have a post next week of all our before and after photos of the house … so, hold me to it!!

– Allie


7 thoughts on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  1. All is beautiful. Love your sweet tree. I was looking at the picture as I was reading your description of the ornaments and was thinking it would be nice if you took a few pictures of the ornaments and when I scrolled down a little further it was like you had read my mind. 🙂 Sorry we won’t get to see you until February. I will be sending lots of pictures when the baby arrives. I told Cara I might bring my phone to the delivery room. Brahahahaha! I think she would like to hurt me sometimes. 🙂

  2. Love all the pictures! The tree is so pretty. And I love the card… especially the tree – that’s my favorite song from Handel’s Messiah. Your fall trees are gorgeous too! I just love bright yellow trees especially when the ground is covered underneath with the yellow leaves too. Sooo pretty! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas. Love you guys!

  3. You guys never cease to amaze me, I am so glad that you take such pride in your home, your decorations are beautiful, Grandpa and I are looking forward to having you here for Christmas. Grandpa’s been busy shelling pecans, I am making good use of them in my baking. Stay safe on all the ice covered streets. Love and Blessings, Grandma H.

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