Oh the curve ball that is dry wall…

Well, we did it.  We ripped out all the paneling and installed drywall.  It took us the whole weekend to do this one room, so don’t expect us to quit our day jobs and launch “Scallie’s Drywall” anytime soon!  It’s not that this is necessarily hard, it’s just time consuming and really …. just sucks.

It definitely tested our communication and teamwork skills.  Haha!  I made the comment that hanging drywall for a weekend should be a prerequisite for marriage.  For anyone who has done this, it really just takes patience and a lot of upper body strength.

Here is Scott taking down the final piece of paneling:

IMG_4028Not that our house smelled or anything, but there was a hint of 1970’s “old” in the house on a warm day.  Once we took out the paneling I could already tell a difference.   I can only imagine what it will be like once all the cabinets are primed and painted and the new floors are down.

Which, speaking of floors….  !!!! …  We picked up all our flooring and loaded it into the house.  Each box weighed about 50 pounds, and there were 30 of them.  That’s a ton! … almost.  At first we did the whole, “I’ll carry one, you carry one.”  That lasted 2 whole trips.  Then, we decided that together we will carry two so it wouldn’t be so awkward.  That was one heck of a workout!!

Without further ado, here they are …  and we opened all the boxes to let them breathe a little bit so no condensation would get inbetween the plastic and the wood (whether we really needed to do that or not, I don’t know, but we thought, What the heck?).  Anyway, we are no where near ready to lay these puppies, but they do need to acclimate for about 2 weeks.


IMG_4032And this photo above is a little glimpse into what they will look like.  Occasionally we will lay these two piece around the house and just smile.  This will probably be the biggest transformation of the house and WE. CAN’T. WAIT!

Alright back to the drywall.  Here is the room before we hung anything:


IMG_4029After some mis-measurements (which after all the stinking measuring we did, I still have no idea how we were a half inch off in some places), here is the first wall done:

IMG_4038It’s amazing how much lighter the room is already.  And the final paint color we are going for isn’t too far off from this.  So it gives us an idea what the room will feel like.

IMG_4039Scott was seriously so awesome during all of this.  He made the comment once we were finished that he felt more like a man after doing this.  Haha!

And here is the rest of the room finished:


IMG_4049Now begins the search for someone to finish the drywall.  I thought the hardest part of all this would be the actual hanging … no … not by a long shot!  Trying to find a decent drywaller, who is available and doesn’t quote you a ridiculous amount (one guy quoted $1.50/sq ft to finish our 300 sq ft room!!!) is much more difficult that I ever would have imagined.

We are hoping to get a few more quotes this week and hopefully someone will be able to come towards the end of next week.  Oh and I also found out that our countertops will be in between July 25 – August 1.  I’m really hoping for August 1, because we haven’t even started prepping the cabinets.  Ahhhhh!

So, that’s about it for now.  Hopefully I’ll have some good news on the drywalling front soon.



5 thoughts on “Oh the curve ball that is dry wall…

  1. Glad to see you finally got Scott to wear closed toed shoes! ha! I don’t think there’s anything you two can’t accomplish when you work together..

  2. Brings back memories when we did our entire basement with 3 kids underfoot. Those were some late nights and early mornings…but it all gets done. Have fun!

  3. You both did a fantastic job! It would make the professionals weep for joy. You guys can do the mudding and yep to find someone who has time for a “small” job is hard. I had a friend who did a basement bedroom (closet included) (actually another friend did it) and I volunteered to mud it. Ceiling and all. It was a job and took me a week to get it done with the sanding and all. That’s when I decided that would not be the profession for me. So Allie do you feel more like a man? Just asking. 🙂 You did a wonderful job – Grandpie would be proud.

  4. Love, love, love what you’re doing! Check out my blog for some ideas with sheet rock (drywall) finishing. Might find a spark of inspiration to come up with something novel! Keep up the good work!

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