Cabinets are in!

This morning was really exciting because Jeremy came over to the house bearing gifts: our new custom base cabinets and our spruced up upper cabinets!

Jeremy and Valerie came over to the house at the beginning of last week to see how the cabinet demolition went.  He was impressed that we were able to remove the upper cabinets and have left them in good condition.  However, since the cabinets have been a part of the house for 30 years, they needed just a little stabilization.  So, he took these to his workshop to reinforce them.

He also said that he could have the base cabinets built and ready to be installed the following week.  We also asked him if he would extend the bulkhead to go over the reconfigured upper cabinets so things wouldn’t look so wonky … and more importantly, so we wouldn’t have to do it and totally screw it up!

It took him about two hours to get everything done.  Here are some cell phone pics of the newly placed cabinets!



Don’t mind the crazy colors on the new base cabinets.  Jeremy used some of our old cabinet doors so that everything will look more fluid when painted.  So, one door Scott tested some paint on and the other has wood filler in it.  Here is a better shot at the new base cabinet.  It’s beautiful!



The shelves on the left will stay open so we can put baskets in there.  The drawer on the right, above the cabinet doors is fake.  We did this so we could re-use our old door faces.  Here is another shot:



So, in a matter of 10 days, we’ve had quite a transformation!!!

2013 Kitchen Remodel


Oh and as I mentioned in my last post, we ordered our new flooring on Monday. 🙂  We originally wanted to go with a 3/4″ oak hardwood, but once we discovered that our subfloor is MDF on top of plywood, our 3/4″ dreams evaporated pretty quickly since you can’t install 3/4″ hardwood on top of MDF without voiding your warranty and having your nails wiggle their way out to give you a squeaky floor.

We had a couple choices, 1.) rip up all the MDF to get down to the plywood or 2.) Go with an engineered floating hardwood floor.  We decided on option 2 since we could get the same look for the same price without all the extra labor.

We chose a locking engineered floor with a wirebrushed elm finish in the color Gunstock:



We will do the flooring install ourselves.  Here is an image of how the process will go:

Lock Flooring


You can see from the photo that the top layer is actually hardwood, the middle layer is MDF and the bottom layer is plywood.  Our neighbors actually just installed the same exact floor (different color) and it looks great.   So, we are pretty excited to get this laid.  The new floors will go in the kitchen, dining room, hallways and living room.  A total of about 800 square feet.

Overall we are really excited and can’t believe this process is moving as quickly as it is.  However, I’m sure all this euphoria will diminish as we go through the slog of painting our cabinets …. which starts next week!

Everyone have a great 4th!

– Allie


One thought on “Cabinets are in!

  1. You wore us out just hearing about all the work that has to be done… but we know you guys will be successful! 🙂 We can’t believe the transformation that is about to occur; especially all the new hardwood floors. Gorgeous!!

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