What’s that? We’re almost done??!!

I am on the verge of crying tears of joy because this Kitchen Remodel Project that started back in June is almost done … FOR REAL!

Of course there are those ten other side projects that are glaring at us daily that we need to tend to (Here’s looking at you bar/dresser, side table, piano bench. Yeah, we see you!). And the living room is pretty much untouched besides the new floor and baseboards, but that might be a project for a later date. Scott says after Christmas, but we’ll see!

So, let’s get you caught up with our remodeling antics. A typical evening for us over the last couple weeks has been to go for a run after work followed by Scott caulking the top and bottom of the crown moulding and me painting white paint on something. Every. Night. Slow and steady wins the race gets this remodeling project done by Thanksgiving!

So, why would we be caulking the top AND bottom of the crown moulding? Well, because it makes it look a bajillion times better and seamless and finished, than if it wasn’t. See for yourself:


Huge difference. And poor Scott probably has nightmares from doing this for hours:


He is a serious contender for the “Husband of the Year” award. I on the other hand have been crouched over painting the top ledge of our chair rail. In hindsight we should have painted everything before we installed it, but we don’t have a garage or a space large enough to paint 16′ lengths of all the moulding pieces. So we worked with what we had. Speaking of which … this craft paintbrush has been a LIFESAVER! It’s absolutely perfect for those teensy-tiny, hard to reach places, or spots that need a very precise line.


We also decided to go ahead and paint all the interior doors white since they were a very yellowed antique-y color with stains and other nastiness that has gathered for the past 30 years. After a good sanding and deglossing, we painted the interior doors with Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in the stock white color.



You can see the unpainted doors laying up against the wall in the back corner to give you an idea on how yellow they were. This still amazes me, because when we bought the house we thought everything looked so white and pristine. It doesn’t even come close!

Also, with all the doors off we removed every single piece of hardware so that it could be spray painted with Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.


We followed this tutorial from YoungHouseLove. Essentially, we gathered all the hardware and roughed it up with 400 grit sandpaper. Then, we wiped everything down with a liquid deglosser. Once they were dry we headed outside and spray painted one light coat … then waited 10 minutes … then sprayed a second coat … waited 10 minutes, etc. until they were covered in 5 light coats.

We’ve been letting them dry and cure for a couple of days and will re-install them on the doors this evening.

This brings me to the other project we’ve been working on: Painting Door Casings. Back at the beginning of this year when we did the board and batten project in the hallway, we realized how yellow all the door casings were. We knew they were painted with oil paint, so painting over them with latex wasn’t going to hold up without a good sanding and deglossing. We didn’t feel really jazzed up to take on that project, then. But now it has become a necessity with the white painted doors.

Scott took on the sanding and deglossing and I followed up with the paintbrush. It’s amazing how much crisper and cleaner everything looks!


We did cheat a little bit, though. Since all the bedrooms still have the yellowed molding, we intentionally refrained from painting that side of the door casing. We also refrained from painting the bedroom sides of the doors. Pretty much, we just painted what you would see while walking down the hall. As we find time over the next few months, we’ll slowly tackle each bedroom and give all the molding a fresh coat of white paint … but we reeeaaaallllly don’t want to do that right now.

The final project that we have been working on is the moulding around the light in the kitchen. It was a golden oak color and really didn’t jive with the all the dark wood we have going on in the house. Initially we planned on painting it a pop of color, but we weren’t really sold on the idea 100%, so we painted it white like the rest of the molding and it looks great! It really helps the light blend in to the ceiling rather than stick out like a sore thumb.



I don’t have a close-up of the final product, but if you squint, you can see it all nice and white in the background of the photo above.

So, we are almost done! I have a mini-checklist at the house and here’s what’s left for the entire remodel (including the living room):

– Finish painting the ceiling in the hallway
– Paint back door (inside = white, outside = navy)
– Paint the inside of the dining room double doors
– Paint crown moulding in dining room/kitchen

Living Room
– Paint living room closet door
– Paint inside of living room front door
– Sand, degloss and paint crown moulding
– Paint living room

And if this post wasn’t long enough, we chose a navy color for our back door! After examining quite a few paint swatches we decided to go with … Indigo Batik (#7602) from Sherwin-Williams.


We thought we had our hearts set on Naval, but our door is in the shade under a carport that doesn’t get any sun. So, the Naval color looked black when we had the paint swatches up there. I actually picked up the Indigo Batik swatch on a whim because I thought it looked pretty and good thing I did! We also went ahead and picked a color because Sherwin-Williams was having their 40% off paint sale this weekend. So we went ahead and bought a quart of Indigo Batik in their Resilience (satin) exterior paint. Hopefully, the weather warms up here soon so we can get the door painted!

Whew! This post was a doozy, so thanks for sticking with it. I’ll have more updates soon and **hopefully** fingers crossed … I’ll have some final Before/After photos of the kitchen/dining room remodel by Thanksgiving. Eeek! I’m pretty excited!

So, that’s it from our side of the street, any projects that you are trying to get done before the holidays?

– Allie


4 thoughts on “What’s that? We’re almost done??!!

  1. Yep you guys are pros. I noticed Scott using his pinky for perfect balance. Only the professionals us that. So beautiful! Maybe I will have to come down in April for AQS and check it out. It does look fresh. The baby’s room is painted and we will have pictures soon. The carpet is coming and then get the furniture back in the rooms. Right now it looks like a disaster area, which I know you fully understand. Cara is getting uncomfortable and she wants to get a lot accomplished, but doesn’t have the energy she had earlier. Wonder why? Love the progress you have made.

  2. It’s all looking sooooo good! You guys have done such a great job! I can only imagine how much you’ve increased the value of your home. Eventually you’ll be able to come home from work and actually enjoy all of your hard work.

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