New Door

I feel like I’ve been talking about this “NEW DOOR!” for weeks now. Oh, wait. I have. So, you would think that this new door would be the most awesome, beautiful piece of art you’ve ever laid eyes on and by gazing into it’s beauty you would be cured of all ailments.

I will be the first to apologize that I’m sorry if I got you all hyped up to the point that you were constantly clicking “refresh” on the home page (…which I highly doubt any of you were doing). Sorry to be a downer, the door is almost exactly the same as the old one. There are some very minimal differences that you can see from photos.

Here are some highlights:
– It’s a steel, 9-pane door we bought from Lowe’s during their Labor Day sale for $138.
– The glass is double pane compared to the plate glass we had before
– It has a polystyrene core and is Energy Star qualified

When my parents were in town to help lay the wood floors, they brought us an early anniversary gift: a Schlage Electronic Deadbolt in an aged bronze finish. They had recently purchased one for their own house and loved it so much that they had to get one for us too. I’ll have to say, it’s pretty awesome.

Essentially, you don’t need keys (I mean, it comes with keys, but you don’t need to use them). There is a keypad that you can type up to 19 different 4-digit codes. So, say you are on vacation and you have someone house sitting for you. You can give them a code that you can delete when you get back from vacation. Or, say you would rather not run the risk of having a hide-a-key. Or if you have guests passing through and will be arriving at your house before you are there … just give them the code and they are in.
*Oh and I don’t work for Schlage or anything. I’m just really pumped about this. 🙂

Anyway, here are some before and after shots of the backdoor:

2013-09-23Yes, we still have some work to do in the molding department, so it still looks a little janky on the inside. For the outside, they installed new metal flashing to help frame out the door and for insulation purposes.


A big part of me is pumped about the new door because we would have had to sand and paint and clean up the old one and it was looking pretty crusty.


Most of that is sawdust, but overall the door was pretty grimy. Oh and another fun fact, the new door doesn’t SLAM like the old one. Goodness that thing was loud. Sometimes we would have that door open to create a breeze through the house while we were working and the air would suck just right and WHAM! It always scared the crap out of me. Now with the new handy rubber seal on the bottom and side of the door, slamming is pretty impossible.

I’m sure the new rubber seals will help with energy efficiency. Not to mention that there wasn’t much insulation around the old door. But the installers used some spray insulation around this one. Awesomeness. Nothing gets me more excited than energy efficiency!


Good job, buddy.

The other thing on the agenda is to paint the door. The door is only primed, so we’ll need to give it a couple coats of paint to seal the steel so there’s no corrosion. We’re done with crusty doors! Of course this brings up the question: What color? Initially we thought we would paint it white; but, the more we think about it, the more we want a color … a bold color. Perhaps navy blue?

I’ve done some searching and I really like the possibilities:

Navy door brick

I really like this one from Ann from On Sutton Place. I like the blue against the brick with the pops of green from the ferns. The color she used here is “Naval” by Sherwin Williams. However, this isn’t what our door looks like. We have 9 panes of glass in there. I always try to find the closest representation to our situation. So, I found this via Pinterest:

Navy Door

This photo was uploaded by Holly of her back door. This is the closest comparison I could find. This photo also makes me think, “What would we do with the pane portion of the door? Leave it white like the photo? Paint it navy with the rest of the door?” I don’t know.

We have to make a decision within the next couple months or else we void the warranty on the door from not painting it and since it will be too cold to paint outside here sooner than later.

So! What do you think? Navy = Yay … or Navy = Nay? We’d love to hear what you guys think. If you have any other color suggestions, let’s hear ’em!

– Allie


7 thoughts on “New Door

  1. I like the navy with white trim. If you went with a lighter color – teal would be nice. My opinion is worth price charged 🙂 Looks great!

  2. Hey, I’m always ready to give my opinion (even when you don’t ask :-)). If you had white trim close to the door, like this house that you posted, I’d say the white around the panes would look nice, but with the brick I think all navy would be awesome. The only drawback would be dust, as it would probably show up more on a dark color (just like having a black car). So my answer is YAY! I think I will have to check out that Schlage as I’m tired of keys.

  3. I like the navy door too. The window pane trim could go either way. I say flip a coin! Glad you like the door lock. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner.

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