The Kitchen Remodel

Since faux brick vinyl floors, paneling and dark scratched-up cabinets really aren’t our thing, we decided to change it up.  So in 2013, we updated our kitchen and dining room with all sorts of new and shiny things.

Here are some posts so you can follow along with the craziness that ensued over those 6 months:

Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Tearing Out Old Cabinets

Cabinets Installed

Taking Down Paneling & Choosing Room Colors

Hanging Drywall

Choosing Our Drywaller

Countertops Installed, Cabinets being painted

Installing our Backsplash

Installing Cabinet Hinges and Hardware

Our Engineered Hardwood Floors

Installing baseboards & door casings

New Back Door Install + Electronic Deadbolt

Choosing a door paint color

Painting the Ceiling + Board & Batten

Caulking moulding + lots of painting = Almost Done!


Break it down now! … Our Kitchen Remodel Costs


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