Get out of here paneling!

Imagine me all evil-mastermind-ing-ly, tapping my fingers together saying, “Yes!!  Yeeeessssss!” as the paneling in our house comes down.  I really don’t mind paneling too much, except that it was only on 3 walls in our entire house.  And it really dates the space.  AND we really want to carry the board and batten from our hallway into the dining room …. which would look really weird with all the random lines from the paneling.

So, “out you go!”  Initially we didn’t know if we wanted to do the whole paneling removal project yet.  But since we would need to finish off the drywall from the bulkhead extension and the ceiling patch, might as well do the rest of the room, right?  Here is one wall sans paneling:

Scott actually did this all by himself when I was at a meeting one night.  Taking the paneling down isn’t the biggest chore, it’s getting all the nails out!  Holy smokes are there a bunch of them!  This weekend we plan to tackle the other two walls and also hang the drywall.

We also found a little note written on one of the wooden wall frames saying that “Roger ____ was here”  So we left our mark too in case the next homeowner decides they want paneling instead of drywall.

Something you might have noticed from the photo above is that we removed all our cabinet doors!  This took waaaay longer than I ever thought it would, because 1.) I really underestimated the number of doors we had and 2.) there were a ton of screws holding the doors up.  Here’s a better look, and you can also see inside our messy cabinets!


Here’s all the hardware we removed:

Anyone wanna buy it? 🙂

Now we have a pile of doors that need to be sanded, putty-filled, deglossed, primed and painted.

Another fun thing is choosing the colors to go on the cabinets, wall color for the dining room and a color for the living room.  Down with brown people!!

Here are some whites that we like.  The colors through the computer are a little more green-ish than they appear in person:

Desktop1I did go to the local paint store and they gave me a piece of molding painted with Benjamin Moore Advance (the paint we will be using) in their stock white color.  So, once paired with our marble-esque backsplash and countertop sample, what do you think?  Too white? Should we cream it up a bit with the Cloud White color?


The benefit of the stock white is that the rest of trim will be painted that color too and will be more cohesive … plus we won’t have to worry about having a lot of tinted paint left over.  I guess we just don’t want it to be “WHITE!” in your face.

Like I mentioned above, we plan on carrying the board and batten project we did in the hallway into the three walls in the dining room/kitchen space.  The color of the top half of the walls is Benjamin Moore’s “Moonshine”:

DesktopAgain you can see that the computer makes it look more green, but in person it looks more like a pale gray/blue.  Also, for more of a visual, the carpet in the hallway will be torn up and replaced with our engineered hardwood floors.

For the living room we want to paint the walls to a blue-ish color too.  We had this Silver Gray in mind.  I’ve included a photo of what it looks like in a house:

Desktop2Overall we want a lighter feel in the house.  In the words of my younger sister, brown is just “drab”.  What do you think?  Are the colors too safe?

I’ll have another update after all our drywall fun this weekend!

– Allie


3 thoughts on “Get out of here paneling!

  1. I think you’re right on track with your colors. The lighter shades will contrast the darker wood of the new flooring. And remember you’ll be accessorizing with “pops of color” where needed. I can’t wait to see the final product. I think you guys could do this for a living… 🙂

  2. No I don’t think it is too safe, besides you can get really loud with your decorations and change them out if you get tired of them much easier than painting. I like the color combinations. It will look light and cool.

  3. Love the colors……I am in the process of lightning up all of the colors in my house too. I pinned a post on Pinterest that takes you to a website where they have different rooms painted and they give you the name of the paint color. It really helps to see a color on a wall already because that little paint chip just doesn’t do it! Most of them are Sherwin Williams. Love seeing your progress!!!

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