9 Months!

Baby girl turns 10 months in 10 days, so it goes without saying that I’m a little behind in posting this update!


Quinn officially has been out as long as she was in! I don’t know how most other moms felt, but I felt that my pregnancy lasted FOREVER! I’m definitely in the camp of women that don’t mind being pregnant … but I would rather not be.


These past 9 months have simultaneously flown and crept by. It feels like ages ago that I was laying in the hospital cuddling our new baby girl. But it also feels like just yesterday we witnessed her first smile and were fist-pumping when she sat up on her own.

Early on it felt like we’d go weeks without too much change. Now, it feels like there is something new each week. Either a tooth, a new trick, etc.


Although she still has yet to crawl or walk, she can roll everywhere. Our favorite thing to do is lay her on one side of the room and I’ll go to the other and hit the floor and say “Come here!!” She starts giggling and starts rolling to me. The more she rolls the more she giggles. It’s the absolute best part of my day.

As for crawling she will only get on her hands/knees from a sitting position. Then once she’s there she’ll rock back and forth a couple of times then shoot her legs out so she’s on her belly, then roll over to her back. I’m still not 100% sure if she’ll crawl or not.


Her favorite thing to do is stand up. That’s all she wants to do. If we stand her up against the coffee table, and lay a remote a little ways from her, she’ll take a step or two towards it (aka – cruising). She has taken a few tumbles because she is fearless and doesn’t think she needs to hold on and will take off and just eat it.


So, we do quite a bit of walking with her holding onto our hands. She loves loves loves this.

She is also starting to pull up on things. Scott has seen her pull up from a sitting position once. But, any time I’m around she tries a couple times then looks at me like, “Help me out here, mom!!”.


She is definitely an energetic baby. She is constantly moving .. either kicking her feet, or moving around in a circle or shaking something. She loves hollering and being loud. Sometimes Scott and I have to tell her shhhhh!! because she is SO loud.

I know lots of parents say that you don’t want your baby to walk sooner than they have to, but she is at a stage where she is such a wiggle worm and wears us out! Case in point: if she’s on the floor she wants to be picked up, but as soon as we pick her up she starts wiggling trying to get out of our arms. She wants to walk so badly and she gets the biggest grin on her face when we finally stand her up. BUT, I know that we are NOT ready to baby-proof and have her getting into stuff around the house!


Boy, does she have a lot of this! For being late to the game when she flashed us her first smile, she is one smiley kid now. I can get her to giggle just by making funny faces at her. I love hearing her talk to herself and just jabber.


She definitely has to know what’s going on. If either one of us leaves a room she stops what she’s doing and will watch for a little while before going back to playing. Even when she’s eating, if someone/something is blocking her view she will lean to one side, or push someone out of the way to see what’s going on. Little Nosy.


In addition to being observant, she is also very curious. She always trying to get into things she doesn’t need to be in. She likes to play with hangers, fingernail files, the lotion bottle, anything crinkly … like plastic bags, cups, water bottles, and pretty much anything else that is probably a choking/suffocation hazard.

She is still sleeping from 7 p.m. until about 5:45-6 a.m. She takes about 3, 30-minute naps each day, but if we have her at home, she’ll take 2, 1-hour naps or longer. Lately she has been requiring more butt-patting to get to sleep, but I know she can go down by herself. We are just spoiling her. 🙂


She definitely sleeps the best in her bed or car seat. We know she’s tired when she starts rubbing her eyes, yawning and sucking her thumb. But, when we lay her on her belly, she immediately gets this burst of energy and flips over really quickly and starts smiling and kicking her legs. I can’t help but laugh, so this is where the butt-patting comes in. I’m like, “I KNOW you’re tired. Just go to sleep!” And then she’ll just fight and fight it … then will zonk out and sleep for two hours. WTH?

She also LOVES having a blanket on her. It has a calming effect and she loves feeling soft fabric. She’ll rub it between her fingers and then rub it on her face.Or twirl her hair in her fingers. She also loves to feel her eyelashes while sucking her thumb. Definitely a texture kid.


She is still guzzling the breast milk and takes 5, 6.5 ounce bottles each day in addition to eating 3, 4 ounce servings of pureed baby food with 1.5 tablespoons of oatmeal each serving. Big Momma. This may also be why she is in the 90th percentile for weight!

She’s also eating more and more table food. At first I was going to go the whole baby-led weaning route, but I don’t think she’d get nearly as much food. So, what works best for us is to start with table food: shredded chicken, shredded cheese, sweet potatoes, banana, etc. and let her get her fill, then I follow up with pureed food/oatmeal mix. This month the biggest milestones were her perfecting her pincer grasp and getting two teeth!


At first we thought the two bottom middle teeth were the ones that had come in, but it’s actually a bottom middle and the one next to it (so, a central and lateral incisor). And those are some sharp little suckers!! I can only imagine what it would feel like to be breastfeeding a baby with teeth!

She rocks drinking from a sippy cup and when we’re home on the weekends, she’ll usually drink around 5+ ounces of water.


Favorite table foods are: green beans, shredded cheese, shredded chicken, greek yogurt and puffs. She likes fish and eventually warmed up to broccoli. We have yet to try beef, mainly because we really don’t eat much red meat at our house. Maybe we’ll try spaghetti with meat sauce one night.


She also knows how to sign “all done”! We’ve been working on different signs and she’s got this one down. The first time she got it, her eyes lit up because she knew that we understood the same thing. It was precious.

– Kicking her legs (all. the. time.)
– Bath time
– Music (favorites are Scott’s guitars and classical music)
– Swinging in her swing outside
– Banging on her high chair tray
– Throwing her sippy cup
– Rolling all over the place
– Grabbing faces/glasses
– Clapping
– Standing up and banging on anything
– Getting kisses from mommy & daddy
– Playing catch and counting to 10 with Scott
– Any time we open the fridge (she specifically likes grabbing the lime juice)

– When we walk out of the room
– Having her nose sucked/wiped
– Getting dressed
– When we try to see if she has new teeth
– Being put to sleep (even though she’s tired!!)

We love this baby girl so much and as much as I don’t want her to get any bigger, I seriously enjoy her personality and watching her learn new things!


One thought on “9 Months!

  1. What a precious little girl. Love seeing pictures of the things she does. She is growing up so fast. I love their curiosity.

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