7 Months

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This last month hasn’t brought too many changes but with each passing day, Quinn’s little personality grows more and more. It’s so funny to see things that she never learned from us, but will do exactly like us. She may look like me, but she definitely has a lot of her daddy in her.

The way she sleeps. I find this hysterical. Quinn and Scott sleep the exact same way … on their belly with the right arm down by their side and the other by their face. She also sleeps with her arms down by her sides, which makes it look like she’s flying! Haha!

She is shy. Scott is definitely an introvert, but the most correct term to describe them both is: outgoing introvert. They can be social and like being around other people … until they don’t, and then you better leave them alone! Quinn likes to look around and take everything in. She is very observant. However, too much interaction and she can’t take it anymore. She just wants to play by herself. These two are already peas in a pod, and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow.

Her toes. Granted this is not a personality trait, but her toes look exactly like Scott’s. EXACTLY!!!

Her smile. This one she gets from me. She isn’t a grinning baby. She is a mouth wide open, big eyes, excited, panting little girl.


She likes to talk. Lord have mercy. We call her our little jabberwocky because she just jabbers and talks and squeals and grunts and on and on. If you knew me as a child I never stopped talking. Lord help us once she actually starts talking in full sentences!!


She LOVES the water. This one she got from her daddy. Since day one she has always loved bath time. She gets SO excited when we turn on the water. When she’s in the bath she just likes to lay back and relax. I daresay bath time is her favorite part of the day.


Other things we’ve noticed over the last month:

  • She knows her name! I don’t know when this actually started, but WE finally realized this month that she knows she is “Quinn” (or Quinnie or Quinnie Pumpkin Pie) and will look at us when we say it. 🙂
  • She loves to clap! After every bite of food … clapping. When she wakes up in the morning and she sees us … clapping. When we change her diaper … clapping. It’s hysterical.
  • She can stand while holding onto something. Scott dropped in at daycare one day and played with her for a little bit. Her stood her up against one of the toys and let go to see what she’d do. She stood there holding onto the toy. I have a feeling she might skip crawling and go straight to walking.


  • She definitely notices when we are out of the room. In the past if I was switching over loads of laundry or going to the bathroom, I’d leave her in her room or bouncy toy for a quick minute and she’d never notice. Now she does. Sometimes she fusses or cries, but most of the time she stops playing and just watches until one of us comes back.
  • She likes to give kisses. Granted they are of the open-mouthed, slobbery kind, but I wouldn’t have them any other way!
  • She’s obsessed with Scott playing his guitar. She will lay on the floor and listen to him play, then she’ll pop her head up and give him the biggest smile. This goes on and on for a while.


As for food we have tried: avocado, peas, butternut squash, bananas, pears, peaches, pineapple, strawberries, sweet potatoes and apples. Surprisingly she loves the veggies more than the fruit. Well, except for bananas and apples. She LOVES apples. Howls it down and I can’t feed her fast enough She really likes peas and butternut squash.


We did have a freak out moment when she woke up covered in hives one morning. We are pretty sure it was an allergic reaction to pineapple. She had been eating it all week and she had a diaper rash (when she really doesn’t get diaper rash), but I didn’t think anything of it. Well, I guess she had enough of the pineapple to completely break out. It’s all good now. And we now have an oral steroid just in case it happens again.


At daycare she eats 2.5 tablespoons of oatmeal in the morning and at night we feed her 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with a half tablespoon of a couple different foods from above.

We’ve also introduced a cup to her. She looooooves the cup. She still isn’t sure about the water. She’ll drink it, but always gives me a surprised face like, “What is this, mom?! It’s not milk.” She loves to play and blow bubbles/backwash into the cup and then dump the water on herself then throw the cup. We’re working on it! I’m introducing these two transition cups to her to see how she does:Transition CupsShe still …
… is sleeping through the night (thank God!)
… loves stroller rides
… loves when we sing to her
… is ticklish on her legs and by her neck
… loves to grab hair and feel or scratch everything
… is sitting like a champ
… has no teeth!
… says “dadadada” all the time
… loves to blow raspberries
… sucks her thumb when she’s sleepy

She weighs about 19.5 pounds and is approximately 27 inches long. Big momma as we call her! 🙂

Over this next month I think we are going to have a mobile baby. We will have to start baby-proofing the house for sure!



5 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. Thank-you for the update on Qinnn, so glad to hear how she is growing and hear how you are enjoying her every stage of growing. Give her a hug from me and Grandpa♥️♥️♥️

  2. She’s so stinking cute!!! And her hair is really growing fast! She’s gonna be a little blondie this summer. I just love her!

  3. I love the way you compared her personality traits to you and Scott. Isn’t it amazing?! Makes me smile to realize you know her daddy so well… 🙂

  4. What a precious little girl. So glad you are having such fun with her. I just love her eyes and how curious they are.

  5. I look forward to your updates on your precious Quinn! It still amazes me how quickly they grow and change. She is absolutely adorable…..but how could she be anything else? Look at her adorable parents. You three make my heart happy!

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