The best $300 we’ve ever spent

What’s the best $300 you’ve ever spent?  Perhaps an article of clothing? A steal of a deal on some awesome lawn mower? A ridiculously awesome meal with good friends?  Or a drywaller to come and finish off your dining room?

We’ll take the last one!  Seriously, people.  Steve, the drywaller dude knocked. this. out!  … in less than 2 hours.

IMG_4055So, obviously this means that we actually/finally picked a guy to come and get this baby done.

But let me give you a little insight into our drywaller saga.  First we decided to go to the lumber yard to ask the guys there who they would recommend.  They gave us two names and I immediately called each of them to see if they could come by the house.

First up: Lloyd Christmas (that’s not quite his real name, but pretty close!)
Lloyd was really nice on the phone came out to the house right away, said but maybe 3 words, took no measurements, and finally said: “Yeah, um, this will take about 3-4 trips. It’ll cost ya $450-$500.”

Wait.  What?!!?  You’re joking?  Oh.  No?  You’re not?  We’re just asking for this measly little 300 sq ft room.  The drywall is already hung!

Obviously after Lloyd left we definitely were rethinking the whole “Let’s hire a drywaller!” idea and were thinking that we could DIY it.  But after talking to some people in the office at work the next day, we got some extra names.

Second to the plate: Mikey
Mikey likes to talk.  He brought a buddy with him, was on time, really looked at the space, was really positive and said that it would cost us $40 an hour, not including materials. So about $320 for labor and then $80 for materials. $400 total.

After he said $80 for materials I knew he was pulling my leg.  There is no way that drywall finishing materials cost that much.  With tape, mud, corner bead and everything, we are looking at about $30.  So, I called him out on it.  I said, “Man, where are you getting your materials?!  Surely you really don’t have to pay that much!  Do you want me to go to Lowe’s for you?”  After that he started to backpedal a little bit and brought his final quote, with materials down to about $350.

Obviously, this quote was waaaay better, but I still felt it was a little too high.

Next up: Steve
Steve was recommended to me by one of the larger drywalling companies in town.  They said that Steve would work with them when they needed extra help.  So we called him up.  He came out to the house right away and was by far the most honest person.  After he looked everything over, he said he could start at the beginning of the week in the evenings and would charge $300-$325 including materials.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!


IMG_4057Steve will be at the house in the evenings and will be done by the end of this week. That means that everything can be primed and painted by this weekend.

Also, I talked to Valerie and the countertops will be installed next Friday.  So we have about a week and a half to get all the cabinets painted.

We also picked out the corbels to go under the bar.  They are the CORG corbels. When I was showing Scott our options he typed “corg” into a Google search and a bunch of corgie puppies showed up.

DesktopFor 2.5 seconds, Scott thought we were getting a dog.  Sorry!!  We did have a good laugh about it though.

In the meantime we are sanding, deglossing and prepping the cabinets to be painted.  Fun stuff!





2 thoughts on “The best $300 we’ve ever spent

  1. You guys crack me up! 🙂 Way to go on searching out the best value for your dollar… definitely a very important lesson in life!

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