Our couches totally make an awesome fort

As we were squishing all our furniture together in the middle of the room to make way for the baseboard and shoe molding, we came to a eureka moment – this would be the most awesome fort, ever!

IMG_4412Envision removing the middle table and throwing a bed sheet over the whole thing. Gahhh! We seriously almost caved and did this. We were also thinking to ourselves, how did we not push these couches together before?! It makes for an awesome movie viewing experience. We had popcorn and ice-cream all on the coffee table and we could both reach it. Yes, we are easily entertained, but this made our weekend that much more fun.

Ok, enough of our couch-fort. The real story of this weekend is Scott rocking the nail gun and layin’ down some baseboards.


Don’t mess with him. Especially when the nail gun is in automatic mode. You’ve been warned.

Over the last couple of weekends we’ve been measuring and buying everything we need to give the house its final crowning touches. However, we had to figure out the order of how everything would get done. I say this because we are still waiting on our door installation guy to show up with our new back door. This is a pivotal piece in our baseboard puzzle because we can’t measure and cut anything until the door casings are up.

So, we decided we should put up the crown molding. Well, that project was halted because we forgot that we still needed to paint the ceiling. Duh. We also remembered that the living room was ready to roll. So, Scott started measuring and cutting all those pieces. We still need to paint in there, but it looks pretty awesome so far:


So, all that’s left is to fill all the nail holes and caulk the top … well, and paint the whole room … but then we would need to decide on a color, but first we need a rug, blah blah blah. You get the picture.

So, while Scott was doing that, I was priming all our ceiling patch jobs. This included the area above the peninsula where the cabinets used to hang, and also the two 8.5″ x 8.5″ holes leftover from taking down the dining room “boob” lights, seen here in this lovely picture collage:

2013 Kitchen Remodel4-007

To patch the holes, Scott took some scrap plywood and cut it a little larger than the hole. He secured the area around the hole to the plywood board. Then, he cut a drywall piece to fit in the hole and screwed it to the board. He used mesh tape to cover the seams, applied two coats of drywall and then I primed it.

2013 Kitchen Remodel4-004

Not too bad right? This little drywall exercise made us realize that we made the right choice when we hired a drywaller to come and finish the whole dining room. (That post is found here.) Although the areas I had to prime were pretty small, it made me realize how much fun we’ll have when we go to paint the ceiling. Or actually, how much I’ll need a chiropractor.  Yikes. That’s gonna be interesting!


The primer has blended “okay” with the current ceiling color. If it was a little closer, I would be soooo tempted to just leave it!

We also installed the little baby molding piece around the top of the cabinets to cover up the ugly gap line where the cabinets meet the bulkhead.


The piece is only about an inch wide, but it really finishes off the cabinets quite nicely.

2013 Kitchen Remodel4-006

Finally, Scott also started in on some of the door casings. All I can say is … he’s awesome. Seriously. He is doing one heck of a pro job and it makes me that much more excited since it would have cost us north of $800 to have someone come and do all the molding work.

He even has an extra step with the whole process. All the door jambs and door casings were level with the old paneling; but when we installed our 1/2″ drywall, the door casing wasn’t level since the drywall came out further than the paneling did. So, we bought some extra 1/4″ lattice pieces to make up the difference.


Then, when we put the molding on top of the lattice and drywall, it laid flat. Once it’s all painted you will have no idea.


Check out how those lines match up! Again, all this molding work makes us realize how “antique” yellow all our doors are. More and more painting. It never ends!


Well, that’s how our weekend went. We hope to get some more done this week!

– Allie



5 thoughts on “Our couches totally make an awesome fort

  1. Awesome! Dad will be so happy that progress is being made! You’re doing a great job Scott! You’ll be finished with all your projects in no time. What will you do next? Wendy’s been asking??? hahahahahahaha

  2. Wow, your house can be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Scott you are awesome! The couch fort is great, especially if you have any kids or baby sit some kids. Just block the one end and you have an instant playpen. Thanks for sharing – I feel like such a part of your fun.

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