Life Lately

It’s been a couple months since I’ve checked in. Life with a toddler is BUSY! I won’t give you an exhaustive list of everything that has happened since Quinn turned the big O-N-E, but I’ll give you a snapshot of life as of late.


Quinn is definitely a little sponge. It amazes me what she understands! The other night Scott and I were talking at dinner and I made the comment that I was glad Quinn wasn’t screaming at the dinner table (we went through a phase), and as soon as I said “screaming”, she let out a big ole scream … then smiled. Stinker! We’re realizing that although she can’t say everything, she understands nearly everything we say.


As far as speech goes, I’d say she knows about 20-30 words not including people’s names. Some of her favorites are:

  • Hello (heh-woah)
  • Hi
  • Bye Bye (followed with a “muuuuah” blowing a kiss)
  • Up please (up peeese)
  • Burp
  • Baby (any time she sees a small child, she’s all “BABY!!”)
  • No no (usually when she knows she’s doing something she’s not supposed to!)
  • Bottle
  • Book
  • Eat (at)
  • All done
  • Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Outside (ahh-sigh)
  • More (mo)
  • Puppy (Puh-Pee!!!!!! … always said with exclamation!)
  • Daniel Tiger (Dan-yo … her favorite TV show)
  • Video (Bid-yo … she LOVES watching videos of herself on our phone)
  • What’s this? (Dis? and holds something up she’s unsure about)
  • Weeeee! (sliding in the tub or going down the slide)
  • Pizza (I think this one comes from the pretend pizza at Mimi & Papa’s that she loves)

As for names, she mainly refers to Scott and I as “Mommy” and “Daddy”. She will sometimes use Mama or Dada, but lately she’s been trending towards Mommy/Daddy. She loves saying Murr-Murr which is my parent’s kitty Murray. She can say Mimi, Papa, La La (Wa Wa – for Aunt Lanie), Abbie and Cara. We’re trying LOTS of other names, but they have yet to stick. She tries, but it’s not always consistent. I’ve actually made a family ABC’s book for her that has a photo with the person’s name on each page. Hopefully this will help!


We also have found that Quinn is definitely a strong-willed child. Never would guess where THAT gene comes from! Whew. She’s pretty defiant and if you make her do something she doesn’t want to we get a super high-pitched scream followed with a full-on laying on the floor meltdown. Usually we ignore this, and we’re hoping as communication improves, these melt-downs improve too. Fingers crossed!


Overall she is a sweetheart. Within the last week or so she’ll walk over to me and give me a big hug and go “Awww momma”. Melt. My. Heart! She also loves it when we rub noses and then she puckers up and gives me a big kiss. I love it!! You can’t have a bad day when that happens! She’s definitely a hugger right now. It’s so sweet to see her hug her toys and go “Awwww” or when I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen and she hugs my legs. πŸ™‚ [all the heart eye emojis]


She is very curious and always has to know what’s going on. Whether it’s our neighbor mowing, the neighbor boys playing outside, when we cook dinner, make coffee, do laundry, etc., I’ll hear her little diaper butt padding across the wood floors followed by “up peeeese!”


Eating is going pretty well. Cheerios are her spirit animal. She would definitely eat them ALL day if we let her. She loves grilled chicken and ground beef, sweet potato fries, broccoli and cauliflower, green beans, grapes, chips (she is the descendant of the Chip King, so no surprise here!) yogurt, applesauce and roasted potatoes. She’s warming up to pasta … finally!


We still give her a bottle right after dinner. Until the end of October, this still had breast milk in it since I needed to use up my stash. Mainly we’ve kept it up since I know she doesn’t drink a ton of milk during the day, so I’m trying to make sure she gets enough fluids, fat and nutrients since she will chug anything in a bottle. We also give her a liquid vitamin with iron that tastes heinous, so this helps smooth that over! At her last doctor appointment they told us she was low on iron, so we’re trying to get her hemoglobin levels back up.


Sleep is going good too. About once every 5-7 nights she’ll wake up, and we’ll need to go in and butt pat or change a diaper, but other than that, she goes to bed at 7 p.m. and wakes up around 6:30 a.m.


And here’s a bunch of other random things from the past three months with a complete deluge of photos. πŸ™‚


Quinn loves being outside. Even if it’s 30 degrees! We just bundle and go. During the weekends she’ll stand by the door and tug on the handle saying “Ahh-sigh, ahh-sigh. Bye bye. Muuuah!” Or she’ll fuss and cry while holding onto the jogging stroller saying “Up! Up!” Homegirl loves it.


We’ll usually venture to the park that’s only a couple blocks from the house, but she also LOVES the “big kid park” and going down the big slides.





We’ll also stick her in the Ergo and go on some hikes. She’s a wiggle worm, so we usually have to keep moving. πŸ™‚



She also loves her little house that my cousin and his family gave to us. It’s bedecked for the holidays and she loves going in and out of the door and playing peek-a-boo.




Speaking of decking the halls, we had a lot of fun this year festooning the house with all our Christmas decorations. At first the plan was to do all of this while Grizwold Jr. and her busy hands were fast asleep. However, we figured, might as well see how she does. And you guys!! It was the sweetest thing! She was such a good little helper.




She also loved helping outside. I think she could have played out there all day. πŸ™‚




We call her Little Ralphie when she wears her pink sherpa winter suit.


I finally got with the program and ordered Quinn a stocking! I totally dropped the ball on it last year, so when Pottery Barn was having a sale along with free monogramming and shipping, I couldn’t pass it up!


I made our stockings about 4 years ago when we first bought our house. If craft mom wasn’t dead, I may have attempted it with Quinn’s, but the PB option was MUCH easier!


October will always be one of my favorite months. Pumpkin and apple everything with riding boots and scarves and fire pits and cooler weather. Not to mention, our anniversary! In the middle of October we ventured over to the local pumpkin patch. We got there pretty early that morning, so we actually had the entire place to ourselves and Quinn could slap all the pumpkins she wanted.



We usually try to do some sort of getaway for our anniversary. Last year we just had a night out since Quinn was still pretty small. This year she stayed with my parents while Scott and I hung around STL for a couple days. It was a much needed break!



We also managed our annual “photo with our photo”.


That weekend also kicked off the Halloween festivities. Quinn participated in my hometown’s trick-or-treating since they held it the weekend before Halloween. She was Hoth Base Princess Leia complete with blaster gun. πŸ™‚



We had lots of fun visiting my grandparents and all my aunts and uncles. On actual Halloween Quinn turned into a flamingo!



We let her go naked under her costume since it was 80 degrees outside! We also found out that she had a 102 fever. Four days of fever later we finally found out that she had Coxsackievirus. This is the virus that can manifest into Hand Foot and Mouth disease, but since she just had a couple spots in her mouth and on her bum, she really didn’t get full-blown HFM. Thankfully!

A week later she ended up with strep throat. Ugh! She hadn’t been to the doctor in almost 5 months for an illness, so twice in two weeks was enough. We also ended up switching pediatricians in the process and it was the best decision we’ve ever made!


So, almost 1,400 words and 30 photos later … that’s what’s been going on!

We can’t wait for Christmas this year. She’s at SUCH a fun age. We’re excited for her to open gifts, but also participate in some traditions that we want to start as a family. Hopefully it isn’t February before I share those with you.

Until then, Merry Christmas! And I’ll leave you with one final photo.


Homegirl loves her some kitty cats. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Love your update, the cute pics, and for filling us in about all Quinn’s new tricks❣️❀️️😍

  2. Love you!! I read this and just ACHE that we don’t live by each other to raise our kids together. I seriously cannot imagine how much fun we would have and Quinn and Leah would be QUITE the pair. It’s so hard to keep my blog updated, too!! My goal is to do it this weekend!! Missing you.

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