{1 YEAR}

A lot has been happening around the house since the last Quinn update. A couple months ago she hadn’t started to crawl yet, was hit or miss on eating table food and barely had two bottom teeth.

It’s amazing how quickly babies change. Just the other morning once Scott had gotten Quinn up, I looked at her and she looked different. I’m like, “what did you do last night?” Ever so slowly she’s turning more and more into a toddler and it breaks my heart! I love her squishy little face and her squeals. I’m not 100% ready for temper tantrums and running around the house.


It’s also amazing how much love we have for this little girl. I miss her so much when I’m at work. We always want to pick her up early from daycare. She’s at such a fun age too. We are her favorite people, not to mention the coolest and funniest. 🙂  I’m totally soaking this time up because I know too soon she’ll think we are lame and will just want to hang with her friends.

I will say a good amount of mom-guilt goes hand-in-hand with all the “feels”. Although I love my job, there are days I wish I could stay home with her all day. I feel like I’m missing out when I send her to daycare all day. I also love her so fiercely that I worry that something will happen to her. It’s utter craziness and I’m working through being at peace with everything. I can only imagine what will happen when she starts school … or goes to college … all aboard the Hot Mess Express!

Alright, enough with the mushy gushy stuff. What’s been happening?

She’s crawling like a maniac, loves to pull up on everything and as long as she has three points of contact she will walk anywhere. She is a big ole scaredy cat when it comes to walking. If she finds she’s standing on her own, she’ll plop down immediately and start crying.

2016 - 7 - July

2016 - 7 - July1

… This is her standing all by herself. She was watching TV and forgot that she wasn’t holding on. She stood like this for 30 seconds! Which is a LONG time in her book!


She loves opening things. Be it the cabinet doors, doors, drawers, you name it, she’s there. Of course along with opening comes closing … which means smashed fingers. It hasn’t been anything a mom-cuddle and a kiss couldn’t fix (thankfully), but we are going down that road! She also loooooves to play peek-a-boo. She could probably do this all day if we had the patience.

2016 - 5 - May

Other favorites are:

The yellow honeycomb tile in our bathroom.
I swear she could spend all day in here looking at “the baby in the mirror” and playing peek-a-boo with the door.

Other kids
Holy smokes is she a social butterfly. She LOVES these two other girls at daycare, Julie and Abby, and they clap and squeal when Quinn shows up for the day. Quinn is definitely the ringleader and has effectively taught them how to pull the pacis out of the other babies mouths, pull hair, and loads of other things. Abby cries when Quinn leaves for the day. It will be a sad sad day when Quinn gets moved up to the “wobblers” room.


If she had the choice, we’d be outside swinging an hour each day. Once we get home for the evening, she loves to walk barefoot in the grass and walks us right over to her swing in the back yard. She screams and laughs and kicks her feet in pure jubilation. She’s a daredevil and loves swinging high. She also loves to wave and be silly.


2016 - 7 - July2

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
If we have her in her bouncy toy, she will start jumping with both hands raised in the air with the biggest open-mouth smile plastered on her face when DT comes on the TV. She LOVES him. She loves the music and the songs and it surprisingly isn’t annoying for mom & dad. Win-win there, folks.


Her Gray, Chevron Minky Blanket

This soft blanket is her go-to for sleeping. We know she’s tired when she reaches her chunky little arm into her crib and pulls this blanket out between the slats and lays her head on it while sucking her thumb. It has an amazing calming effect on her and definitely helps settle her for sleep.



This BeanieBaby monkey was a hand-me-down toy from her cousin Cypress and it’s by far her favorite toy. Her little imagination sparks and she loves playing pretend with it. She’ll jabber and shake the monkey, give him hugs and loves to bite his hands.


Other favorites that need no explanation:
– Pulling mom’s hair
– Hiding her food in her highchair
– Washing her hands
– Splashing in the bathtub
– Books – Touch & Feel, The Pout Pout Fish and Dear, Zoo
– Watching Scott mow the grass
– Bubbles
– Strumming on Scott’s guitar
– Waving “Hi” and “Bye” to everyone
– Clapping (especially when the coffee maker beeps it’s ready. Heck, I clap too!)
Sharing her food with us

– Having her snot sucked and face wiped
– Taking ANY medicine
– Getting dressed and having her diaper changed
– Being held for too long
– When she can see her food, but it’s too hot to eat
– When we take her out of her swing and she wasn’t finished

Quinn (1)

For her first birthday we traveled to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere in TN. It was so stinkin hot. Quinn’s favorite parts were the flamingos and all the other kids … and the Carousel. Whenever it stopped she had a huge fit. Thankfully we were like the only ones at the zoo that day and we just kept giving the guy at the controls all our tokens to keep it running. 🙂 She also loved our water bottles of ice water and kept drenching herself.









I told Scott that we’re going to the waterpark next year! Overall it was a super fun day celebrating our little girl. She probably heard us sing “Happy Birthday” at least 20 times and got more than your average amount of kisses. We just love her to pieces, and any time she’d snuggle up to me I’d snuggle her back and close my eyes and say, “I love you SO MUCH!”



This past year has been the hardest, most sleep deprived year yet, but I’d do it all over again in two seconds just to give me this little face. Happy Birthday, Quinn Amelia!



7 thoughts on “{1 YEAR}

  1. So precious! I can’t believe kangaroos roam free at the zoo. I always thought they were a tad dangerous and could punch you or give you a swift kick. The concern never stops. When you have Grandkids you just get a new set of people to worry about. LOL

    • They are in a walk through enclosure. They say not to stray from the path to touch them, unless the kangaroos are on the path. There were a bunch of zookeepers on hand, too. They seemed pretty lazy to me! Even still, I’d only let Quinn get a couple feet away. Don’t need her grabbing a bunch of the kangaroo’s hair!

  2. What joy to watch you and Scott (whom I remember as a baby) with your precious baby Quinn! There is no greater love than the love you have for your child …..until you see that first grandchild! Don’t worry. You have time. But enjoy every moment. Trust me. It goes by quickly. Sending love and such big hugs to all 3 of you.

  3. I love all the pictures of Quinn! Some I hadn’t seen before… She has learned, grown, and changed so much in this first year. Isn’t it wonderful?! We think you and Scott are amazing parents! Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!

  4. Just love this post! Quinn is definitely loved! I remember when you were little and I couldn’t wait to pick you up from daycare. She is a cutie pie just like her momma was. Love you guys!

  5. G’ma Nancy sent your 1st b’day pics & comments with Quinn. How much I enjoyed reading about your sweet daughter & seeing all her pics! Allie , you express your love for her so filled with heart, that as a mother, I felt the tug a mom feels with her little ones God blessed us with so much love.
    Each b’day will bring a lot of changes, & it happens too fast! You 3 have so much to look forward to in your future. 💖
    Thank you for a trip in your wonderful love-filled lives! God bless you all. Say “hi” to Scott for us!

  6. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures,
    Quinn is definitely loved by two special parents, she is so fortunate to have you two in her life. This brings back memories when you Allie were a baby, you lived next door to us, were has the time gone? Thank goodness for memories.

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