Three & Four & Five Months

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve given you all an update!

To be honest, there isn’t much time! Usually in the evenings I pick up Quinn from daycare, come home and she has usually fallen asleep in the car because her naps are a complete joke at daycare. Sometimes we let her sleep because she’d be a huge crab if we didn’t, but we are trying the whole sleep training thing, so we try our best to avoid any naps past 5 p.m.

If she is napping, I clean all the bottles and pump parts from the day, get her bottles ready for the next day, freeze any leftover breast milk, make myself a shake, lay out my clothes for the next day and by this time she has woken up.

We feed her a bottle and these past couple weeks we’ve started oatmeal! We tried rice cereal at first, but she hated it! She was really dramatic about it and gagged anytime I got the spoon close to her. 🙂 It doesn’t bother me that she doesn’t like it since there isn’t much nutritional value in rice anyway. I also tried some of it and it’s pretty terrible! I don’t blame her.

So, we jumped straight to oatmeal. She loves it and gobbles it down … most of the time. We use the Earth’s Best Organic Baby Oatmeal and right now I mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of breast milk. Once she gets a better handle on that, I’ll start increasing the amount of oatmeal and also add in a feeding in the morning. Not rushing it though.

Here’s the little mess pot in all of her chunky-cheeked glory:

So, since I’ve been absent the last couple of months, prepare yourself for a deluge of cuteness. First off, we’ll start with Christmas.


It was a balmy 60 degrees Christmas Eve. Quinn was so good during church and it made my heart nearly explode the way she smiled and listened to her daddy sing his solo. She couldn’t see him, but it’s amazing how well she knows his voice.


That night we ventured up to see my parents. Quinn was getting over a cold so she was up a couple times that night, and then managed to SLEEP IN until almost 10 a.m.! I guess she didn’t get the whole “wake-up-early-to-open-presents” detail.

Her Papa Stevie did share his new OveGloves with her. 🙂


As exhausting as traveling for Christmas is, add in a 4 month old, a nasty head/chest cold that you can’t take any antibiotics for since you are breastfeeding, a baby with pink eye, and you’ll get a taste for what we went through!

Speaking of the pink eye ….


We named her “Pink Eye Pookie”. The drops they gave us cleared this up in less than 12 hours! But not soon enough before she gave it to her momma! I’ll spare you those pics … and the ones of the trashcan with all my eye makeup in it.

Despite all this, we got to meet our new cousin Arya! I have a feeling they will be partners in crime over the years since they are only a couple months apart.


The day after Christmas we celebrated Quinn’s 4 month birthday. And since I totally slacked on her 3 month photo, here are both.

Quinn - Monthly Photos

I love both of these because they totally depict her attitude during that time. At three months she was all smiles and hollering. At four months she discovered her feet and putting them in her mouth. I don’t think we can get her to keep her legs straight, expect when she’s sleeping!

Slacker mom moment: I wrote the majority of this blog post 2 weeks ago! So, in that time she turned 5 months! {facepalm} So … 5 month update too!

At 5 months old she can roll from back to belly … but only does this at daycare and not at home. She is laughing a lot more and is even more animated, which I didn’t think was possible. She squeals A LOT. It’s her love language. She also loves it when Scott kisses her and his beard touches her face.

We thought it would be fun to see how she has grown the past three months by sizing the elephants on her quilt all the same size. I weighed her on the scale the other night and she clocked in at 18 pounds. She’s a big momma! And it’s so hard to think she was so much smaller two months ago!


Next up … new tricks!! Hollering was replaced with blowing bubbles. #cantstopwontstop

She thinks its especially fun to do this right when I put a spoonful of oatmeal up to her mouth!


A few weekends ago, my sister got married in Kansas City. We made the trek up to see her and Quinn did awesome in the 7-8 hours in the car. Of course we timed everything around her nap schedule and made appropriate stops so she wasn’t in her car seat for longer than 3 hours at a time.

Although Quinn is a happy, content baby, you have to work to get her to smile and laugh. She doesn’t offer those up unless you are truly funny. So, seeing her smile and laugh around Mimi and Papa makes my heart soooo happy!



On our way to KC we needed to make a stop for lunch and so that Quinn could stretch her legs and get some squirms out. So, we planned ahead and stopped in at Flat Branch brewery. We let Quinn and Mr. Sunshine Head (her favorite toy) pick our the sample flight, scarfed down a pizza, then walked around a park that was right next to the brewery since it was 60+ degrees outside!





We had a great time at the wedding and we rolled with the punches as far as a sleep schedule, bitterly cold weather and sleeping in a hotel.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the deluge of Quinn pics. But, I’ll leave you with one more!




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