That time I got laid off on maternity leave…

Nothing like taking a nice two month hiatus from blogging. And let me tell you, these past two months have been something else! We last left off at the end of October. Scott and I had just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and I was starting to get nervous about heading back to work in a few weeks.

It’s amazing how God’s plans are different from your own. Just a week later I got a call from my office that they were laying me off. I was on maternity leave!! They can’t do that to me! I had a million questions of “Why?” and “How could you do this to me!”. I was so frustrated and angry and just really really sad. Since I turned 16, I’ve always had a job. So having the rug pulled out from under me was something totally outside of my comfort zone. And to be holding a two month old baby?! Needless to say, there was lots of juggling that was going on. [no babies were harmed in the layoff process!]

After I settled down a little bit, I prayed my butt off. I was completely at a loss. I was just trying to gear myself up for returning to my old job and sending Quinn to daycare … now I was going to be out on the job search, a position I hadn’t been in since college! Terrified wasn’t even the half of it. We had a shiny new baby girl to support! I was feeling an insurmountable pressure to make sure we wouldn’t be left out on the streets. …street life was still a long way off, but my post-pregnancy hormonal mind was going wild!

I’ve always known that God answers prayers in his own time. Which usually means way longer than what you want. Fortunately, just two hours after being laid off I was on the phone with a friend of ours that we met through a Christian retreat called Emmaus. He mentioned that his company had an opening in their marketing department and that I should apply for the job. But there was a catch. I had to get my resume together and apply for the job THAT NIGHT.

So, that evening I had my computer in front of me on the couch, boppy pillow around my waist with Quinn sprawled out half-nursing, half-sleeping while I put together a resume … something I hadn’t done in over 5 years! Yikes.

By 9 p.m. that evening everything was submitted. The next day I received a call from the company’s HR manager to say they’d like to offer me an interview. I also had to complete an online assessment and a profile exam. These tests took some time, so after Quinn went to bed at night and I got myself ready for bed, I’d sit and bust these things out. How you moms out there take college courses while having little kids … I’ll never know. You rock. I couldn’t do that every night!

That Friday was interview day. I was so nervous. I hadn’t been in an interview in YEARS! Plus I was suffering from prolonged sleep deprivation with a side effect of “Mom Brain”. I was just hoping that the lyrics to “Old MacDonald” would go away and I could remember what my name was. I guess the interview went well, because that following Monday they offered me a second interview. I had to take more profile tests and also complete an assignment.

Now is the time I will sing the praises of my husband. He was my biggest cheerleader through all of this. He would take care of Quinn in the evenings so I could have a couple hours to work on everything. Wonderful. I know he was tired too, but he kept lifting me up. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The second interview was also scheduled for a Friday. At this point everything was laid out there. I had done everything I could and I was at peace with whatever the outcome was going to be. There was such a sense of calm that only God could provide. I was okay with not getting the job. Something else would come my way. We would be okay. This was my mantra … We will be okay.

The bad thing about Friday interviews is that you have to wait the weekend for their decision! Monday rolls around and I get a call … I GOT THE JOB!!!! I’ve never worked so hard to get a job! Scott and I danced a happy dance and Quinn just smiled at her crazy parents.

Two weeks earlier I was having a pity party for myself that I would have to send Quinn to daycare. Now I was dancing in our kitchen that I had a job to go to and Quinn would have to go to daycare. It’s amazing how God reframes our thoughts.

My first day was December 1. A Tuesday. We sent Quinn to daycare that Monday as a trial run. I was miserable. I cried. She cried. I was a hot mess the rest of the day. It was hard to be separated from someone you’ve been connected to (sometimes quite literally!) for 3 months. But we survived.

We’ve now completed 3 weeks of work/daycare and we’re making it. Our nights are a lot shorter since we have a LOT more to do and also try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. And then Quinn got a head cold and would wake up in the middle of the night resulting in me getting less and less sleep. But that’s what the weekends are for!

I definitely miss her during the day. However, my coworkers at my new office are amazing and incredibly supportive! There’s a lot more women and a lot more people my age. There’s a big learning curve with this position, so I’m super busy every day which makes the days melt by, which helps me miss Quinn just a little less. And man oh man, the coming home. I love it! The big smiles and sweet cuddles we get from Quinn are the best. Sometimes she’s a beast, but those coos and smiles make it all worth it.

So, that’s been our world this last month.

The most amazing part of this story is how this has been God’s plan for a long time. This job has been years in the making. And looking back over  these last couple years to see how certain events happened at specific times which then led to certain people being introduced into our lives leaves me with goosebumps all over.

It all started with Scott working part-time at our local church and part-time at my old company. He was then hired full-time at my old company and we worked together for one year. Then, the church decided to make his old job full-time and offered it back to him and he took it. By taking the job at the church and not having to travel, he was able to lead music at the men’s retreat, Emmaus … where he met Greg. Greg is that one that told me about this job. Which I applied for and worked to get!

It may not seem like much, but if you take out any one of those pieces, things would have turned out differently. And each one of those pieces and moving jobs, etc, took a lot of trust and praying!

Also, this new job doesn’t require me to travel! Which means that I won’t be gone from Quinn 2 months out of the year. There are so many things to be thankful for. This year has been one wild adventure. This time last year we didn’t even know we were pregnant yet! Now we have a funny little 4 month old and I have a new job.

And as stressful as this all has been, I wouldn’t change a thing. We did it!

Thank for reading this long slog of a post! The next post will be a Quinn update!

– Allie 🙂


4 thoughts on “That time I got laid off on maternity leave…

  1. God will ALWAYS see us through a “rough patch”. Later we can look back and see His hand at work in all of the circumstances. Romans 8:28 Congratulations on the new job.

  2. The way these events all fell into place is a truly amazing story. God was answering our prayers before we even had a chance to pray them…

  3. Ditto what Nancy said. All of our worrying about things out of our control is best left up to God. He’s got us in his hands, all we have to do is trust him. Something we all need to tell ourselves every day. Love you guys!

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