Final Baby G Update

We are getting close to the end my friends. Scott and I have 8 more days until our c-section on the 28th. We are both soooo ready to find out the gender of our little munchkin and give it way too many hugs, kisses and cuddles.

This will probably be the last pregnancy update I do on the blog since next week is go time! We are supposed to get all of our maternity photos back today or tomorrow, so I’ll post some of those along with the photos of the nursery in its pristine condition … since we all know it won’t stay like that for long!

1-Baby Photos8

How far along: 38.5 weeks

Gender: We’ll know here soon!

Weight gain: 24 lbs

Maternity clothes: Ready to say goodbye to maternity clothes, it’s been real! 🙂 

Stretch marks: None

Belly button in or out: Out/flat

Sleep: Sleep is still great, rolling over is another story. The past couple of nights I’ve gotten up twice, but sleep is still really good … and will sadly be coming to an end!

Best moment this week: Soaking in our last “it’s just us” nights with Scott. We’ve been eating dinner out on the back porch almost every night and we have so much fun together. I know it’s cheesy to say, but Scott makes me laugh so much and I can’t wait to see him holding our baby.

Miss anything: Bending over. Eating a meal and not having heartburn. Wearing my normal clothes. Although the baby comes out soon, I have a feeling a lot of these items won’t be enjoyed for another month.

Movement: It’s pretty cramped quarters in there, but somehow Baby G still finds a way to move non-stop. The other night he/she rolled for 2 straight hours! Two hours, people! It almost freaked me out because I thought the baby might be in distress or something. I asked my doctor the next day and he said everything is still fine. We just have a wild one. Oh and the hiccups! Baby G gets them at least 5+ times a day. And they are belly shakers.

Cravings: None really. Probably because any food results in popping a couple Tums. I’m ready to have my stomach back in its normal spot!

Symptoms: Besides heartburn, none. No Braxton Hicks, no shortness of breath, no tiredness, nothing. I keep telling Scott that I feel normal except I have a baby bowling ball strapped to my stomach. I’m counting myself VERY lucky in the symptom department!

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby NEXT WEEK!

Names: I think we have 2-3 solid boy and girls names ready to go. Other than that, I thought I’d share with you all the names we have called this baby in utero: Cheeto, Lil Cheets, Baby, Baby G, Munchkin, Munchkin Butt, Wiggle Worm and Stinker (and these are only the ones I could remember!).

Side note: The reason why we call the baby “Cheeto” is that after seeing our first sonogram (at 6 weeks), Scott thought the baby looked like a Cheeto … like the chip. I laughed hysterically and the name has stuck since then. Lately, as we have been trying to figure out what to name the baby along with a middle name, we started calling the baby Cheeto Baseball. Don’t ask why, because we don’t know. We have weird names for everything.

I’m still nervous about getting sliced open and having the baby extracted, but we are praying that everything goes normally and everyone comes out of this safely. We’ve had our pre-anesthesia appointment and I have all my “cleaning” supplies. I really just want to fast forward all of this to the part where I’m sewn up and we’re holding the baby! Ahhh if it were that easy!



5 thoughts on “Final Baby G Update

  1. You will do great! It will be much easier than you think. They way they do the c-section these days is so much easier on the Mom and the Baby. Is your tummy flat around the belly button? If it is the “wives tale” says it will be a boy. Doesn’t make any difference if the belly button sticks in our out, but the skin around the belly button. About the size of a silver dollar. I’m so excited and can’t wait to hear all the details. Will be praying all goes well for your family. Love ya,

  2. You guys have been amazing these last 9 months! You are truly a “team” and I know it will continue to be that way after baby G arrives. He/She is one lucky little baby…

  3. I am so excited for you both as you enter this new time in your life… being parents! You thought you knew what love was….just wait. I pray for you daily……I know God is already smiling about this new life. What a lucky baby. Sending love and such big hugs.

    • Thanks, Aunt Diane! Hopefully we get to see you and George soon to introduce you to Baby G. 🙂 Yes, we are already proud parents ready to show our baby off! Haha!

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