Weekends are for Working

This past weekend my parents came down to attend a baby shower that our church was having for us. Inevitably, this means that I need to make my dad a list of things that have to get done around the house. And as always, no matter how long my list is, he always manages to get through it!!

We definitely had a fun weekend with them here. The weather cooperated on Saturday and allowed us to be outside the majority of the day getting “outside stuff” done without it being too hot. It was actually quite pleasant in the shade!

My parents hadn’t been there more than 20 minutes and my dad was already outside mowing and weed-eating the yard. Scott has been a champ with the grass mowing lately this entire year since I really haven’t been able to help, so I’m sure it was a welcome break for him!

Scott was busy making some bookshelves for the baby’s room and mom and I started on lunch. Mom had prepped these awesome baked chicken packets that had salsa, red peppers and onions in them. We made up some green beans and salad with lots of goodies from the farmer’s market. Needless to say, lunch was pretty stinkin good!


After lunch, we decided to tackle cleaning up the back porch. This usually gets deep-cleaned once a year. We usually try to do this after all the pollen is done coating everything. This is the first year we scrubbed and washed the screens. Holy smokes. They were bad! … Like really embarrassing. But they look awesome now!

1-Phone Pics18

Everything else on the porch got a good scrubbing too. It’s seriously so euphoric to have everything clean. Scott and I have enjoyed a few evenings out there now since it doesn’t look so nasty!


While mom and I did this, Scott cut all the baseboards for the closet in our dining room. This has only taken us a couple years to accomplish! 🙂


1-Phone Pics19

We kept the washing train rolling and mom and dad washed all the vehicles too. They cannot be contained!


Finally after putting everything back in place on the back porch, mom and dad decided that we needed a new fan. I secretly think it’s an excuse for dad to go to Lowe’s, but they were adamant. So off we went. We ended up getting an indoor/outdoor fan marked on sale and a light kit on clearance. Score!!


The best part of the whole fan experience was dad using this rickety stool we have … which is NOT meant to stand on. Mom and Scott did their best to make sure he didn’t fall. Oh the entertainment!


So, yes, dad installed yet another fan at the house! I will have to admit, it looks pretty awesome and sooooooo much better than the old one.

1-Phone Pics20

That evening, mom and Scott made burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and dad crashed. He’s either 100 mph or asleep.


The next day we had the church baby shower. The church ladies really outdid themselves. Everything was really cute and the dessert table was ridiculous!! I could have camped out there all afternoon.

1-Phone Pics21

1-Phone Pics22

Everyone was incredibly generous and are really excited to meet this baby. We had one lady that is in Scott’s choir hand stitch a quilt for us. She said she has been working on it for the past year! She said she knew we’d get pregnant sometime, so might as well start on it.

We LOVE the quilt and it’s really cool that Baby G will have his/her own “ABC Blankey” just like mommy did. The hand stitched quilt is on the left:


Scott also has a running Star Wars joke with the Children’s and Youth directors. We won’t be naming Baby G Obi Wan or Leia, but we will be having some fun with the stuffed wampa they gave us. All the other stuffed animals in the nursery look a little more nervous!


Overall it was a great weekend. It’s crazy to think that the next time we see my mom and dad will be when we are introducing them to their grandbaby! So so crazy to think about!

Oh! And because this really doesn’t fit anywhere else, here is a pic of our crape myrtle. I love this time of year when it is in full bloom.


Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie


7 thoughts on “Weekends are for Working

  1. Allie, I laughed and cheered all the way thru. The pics were wonderful and makes a person feel so included in your goings and comings. Must be a Holtgrewe/Haertling thing where working together makes wonderful memories. Where in the world did they find that stuffed Woompa???? hehheheheh I’m praying all goes smoothly with this baby happening. Love you guys.

    • Working together is definitely in our blood! We definitely aren’t “sitting around” type of people. 🙂 The stuffed wampa came from Disney World. Scott already has all sorts of plans for posing the baby with it. Love you guys!

    • Hi Ken! We really enjoyed the Gibbs’ shower as well … maybe too much, since none of us took any photos!! Wish I had some to share on here. It was great to see you!

  2. My kitchen is the same configuration and I’ve been looking at the FX180. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for the countertop? Love reading your blog by the way.

    • Sure, Martha! We paid $1,600 for the 180fx in Soapstone Sequoia with an Ogee edge. Price was all-inclusive and included tax, delivery, installation, etc. The Ogee edge was an upgrade, so the overall price could have been cheaper. We also had a LOT of counter!! Two years later we still love it!! Hope this helps and thanks for stopping in! – Allie

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