Week 34 – Baby G Update

We’ve wrapped up three baby showers and just have one left. We are so thankful for all of our generous family, friends and church family. Although I love me a good baby shower, it’s a tad overwhelming! Scott and I aren’t the best at having attention focused on us, but we keep telling ourselves that this time only happens once and to soak as much in as possible.

I’ve made up our hospital bag checklist, so all we really have left to do is pack it up, install the car seat and order some last minute stuff that we’ll need. But honestly, since we travel so much we could pack all our stuff up in 20 minutes, the car seat can be installed right before we take the baby home and as long as my boobs decide to produce milk and we have a few days worth of diapers, we’ll survive!

I think a lot of people expected me to be a super organization-crazed pregnant lady. And honestly, I did too! But I’ve really been laid back this whole pregnancy. Our only “Birth Plan” is: Get the baby out and make sure everyone is safe and healthy. Since this is my first rodeo I’m not about to tell the doctor what’s up. I trust him and know he has our best interests in mind. Yes, the gestational diabetes was a curve ball, but we’ve taken that in stride too.

With just over 5 weeks left I’m definitely ready to meet the munchkin. Scott is really ready. I’m excited to see what Baby G looks like and watch Scott hold him/her for the first time. He’s going to be such a great dad and I’m soooo ready to take this next step with him.

1-Baby Photos7

How far along: 34.5 weeks
Gender: We’ll know in about 5-ish weeks!
Weight gain: 18-20 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Skirts and dresses are my go-to. Wearing pants is completely overrated! Since I sit a lot at work, it’s much more comfortable with a dress or skirt on. I am starting to run out of combinations. Thankfully my friend Robin has been the maternity clothes fairy! She gave me a whole slew of outfits at the very beginning, but she slowly finds more in her closet and sends them my way. It’s like Christmas. 🙂
Stretch marks: None, yet!
Belly button in or out: Out (there was never hope that it would stay in!), but I believe it’s starting to flatten out the more the belly grows.
Sleep: Sleep is actually really good. I’m used to sleeping on my side now and am still only getting up once in the night to pee. I have a feeling it might go downhill these next couple of weeks, but if it doesn’t, I’m not going to complain!
Best moment this month: All the baby showers! It was a little overwhelming going through all the stuff, but it was wonderful to see family and friends and see how excited they are to meet Baby G.
Funniest moment this month: People guessing what the baby’s gender is … and the fact that everyone thinks it’s a boy! Like 80%!
Miss anything: Use of my ab muscles. I’m a girl on the go and Baby G is along for the ride. I definitely will get some kicks if I’m doing too much bending. Just means I squat a lot more, which makes for some nice leg muscles!
Movement: This. Kid. Never. Stops. Moving. Ever. As of our last ultrasound last week, Baby G is still frank breech (meaning legs, feet and hands are up by the face and the baby is facing outward), so I wonder if I feel more movement since he/she is facing out. No idea. The baby also likes to play games anytime there is an ultrasound wand on my belly. You better believe that wand gets a kick or punch! It’s also amazing how well the baby responds to voices. Baby G LOVES daddy’s voice. Scott always gets kicks and rolls when he talks to the baby.
Cravings: No cravings, but I really miss all the sweets and carbs that have been cut out of my diet due to gestational diabetes. I can still eat this stuff, but sparingly. Here’s looking at you watermelon, dark chocolate covered almonds, ice cream and pizza and those chocolate sandwich cookies from Panera! Really though, I just want the biggest fruit salad.
Queasy or sick: None at all.
Names: We have a couple front runner names, but haven’t decided on anything. We won’t actually pick one until we meet Baby G. We have LOTS of different combinations that we really like. It’s such a daunting task to name a kid! We don’t want a popular name, but we don’t want it to be uncommon/weird either. I tend to lean more towards names outside of the Top 100 baby boy/girl names.
Looking forward to: Getting last minute stuff done and meeting our baby!! This has all gone by so incredibly fast. I can’t wait to kiss those little cheeks and snuggle with our munchkin.

Here’s the last 8 months:

1-Baby Photos6

We go for another ultrasound on Monday, which might be our last one until the baby comes. I’m really hoping the baby has decided to flip around and down! If not, we still have a couple more weeks for the baby to get into position, but after that we may be talking c-section. Either way is fine with me!

After our last baby shower this weekend, I’ll post photos of the nursery! … because that’s what everyone really wants to see. 🙂

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Week 34 – Baby G Update

  1. You are so incredibly cute! I’m sure this baby will be beautiful and his/her cheeks the most kissable. Love babies.

  2. Love this and such awesome pictures! Pregnancy looks good on you!! You are soooo close!! I’d like a front row seat to the car seat base installation process 🙂 It always makes me want to cuss and yell!!!! 🙂

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