We’ve been up to stuff …

… like painting and sanding and painting and going to breweries and, well you get the picture. And speaking of pictures … there’s a ton of them in this post. You’re welcome.

Happy doesn’t quite describe my feelings on completing Baby G’s dresser (which used to be in the dining room) along with two end tables.

The dresser was tedious to say the least. Scott was a super husband and did the stripping (of the lacquer … not his clothes! Sheesh!) since I can’t even be close to that stuff. The lacquered finish was really weird and nothing like we’ve encountered before.

We had to use a stripper as well as acetone to get down to the bare wood. After that we used a 60 grit sanding sponge and an orbital sander to get the surface smooth and ready for stain.

We decided to stain/poly the drawers and paint the shell of the dresser white (one coat of primer and three coats of Ben Moore Advance). We also spray painted the drawer handles oil rubbed bronze. It looks awesome!!



1-Phone Pics16



Sidenote: Scott kept calling me Bane when I wore this mask … like from the Batman movie. 

Here’s what it looked like before:


And here’s the after!


When yardsaleing for baby clothes with my mom a couple weeks ago, we came across these two round, solid wood end tables … for $5 each! {AREYOUKIDDINGME?!?!} The tops had a little damage to them, so we just sanded them really well and painted them white. Holla.





We also painted the baby’s room. Scott really took one for the team since I was out of town with work so much and painted the closet and doors (they were yellow-ish and gross). We painted the walls Bonsai (by Valspar) which is the same color as the living room since we had a gallon leftover. We’re not picky. The crown molding and baseboards also got a fresh coat of white paint. Boomshakalaka.



We actually kept a lot of the stuff that was already in this room … like the curtains and the mirror. At first I was going to get new curtains and move these to our bedroom, but they work! Which is less work for me. 🙂

We aren’t completely finished with the baby’s room, but are getting really close. All the big stuff is in there and almost all of the pictures have been hung, but there are other little things that we’d like to do, but that would require a free weekend … which we haven’t had since Mother’s Day (!!!!) … two months ago.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of parts of the nursery:


The first two things I bought for the baby when I found out we were pregnant were some BabyLit books and those animal prints (the frames are from Ikea). I never knew I’d love headshots of baby animals so much!


My amazing mom made the super adorable quilt laying on the rocker. My mom sewed/pieced it together and my aunt quilted it. The back of the quilt is an elephant print, minky fabric … aka … soooo soft. I love handmade gifts!

Another one of my talented aunts made us a quilt as well. She knows that we love to scuba dive and anything water/ocean related, so this was perfect.


Last blanket … I promise. Here’s the one I had as a baby. It’s name is “ABC blankey” and it was my absolute favorite. I didn’t even realize we had it at our house until I was going through some blankets we had in storage. It’s soooo soft.


Another cool element in the nursery is our family bassinet. This bassinet was used by my grandpa, my mom and me … as well as a bunch of other aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. It’s over a hundred years old! I’m excited that Baby G will be able to be a part of this tradition as well.


And yes, this puppy rolls. 🙂

Some other fun stuff we’ve purchased are the coming home outfits for the munchkin. Since we don’t know what we’re having, we are bringing a little boy and little girl outfit to the hospital. I bet you can’t guess which one Scott picked out …


We also couldn’t resist buying this one too:


It’s a blessing in disguise that we don’t know what we’re having, because I could have EASILY bought soooo many baby clothes. They are too cute!

One funny/annoying thing I hear when I tell people that I’m due at the end of August is: “Wow. You’re going to be so miserable being pregnant over the summer.” I get this A LOT! (as in every time) My response at first was, “Thank you.” But as I’ve gotten more pregnant, my natural “filter” has thinned. So, my responses have become more snarky.

Some of my go-to responses have been:
“Well, that’s why there’s air conditioning!”
“You’re so right. Good thing we don’t live in a tent outside!”
“Yeah, it does suck. I think I’ll just stop being pregnant over the summer and resume when it’s cooler out.”

But in all honesty, our summer (so far) hasn’t been hot. It’s been extremely mild and pleasant. Plus, I work indoors where they keep the office frigid, so I’m FAR from being hot. I’m only inconvenienced walking to and from the car. Hard life I tell ya.

One thing I have especially loved is our after dinner evening walks. We have a half-mile walking path super close to our house and we’ll walk about 2 miles each evening. It’s nice to be able to talk with Scott about our day and anything else that is on our minds. We also get to see some pretty awesome sunsets too. I’m looking forward to being on maternity leave in the fall so I can take walks with the munchkin!



On one walk we came across some freshly poured concrete. Scott squealed like a little girl and said, “This never happens to me!!!” So now, “S + A” is immortalized …


Finally, one more outdoor thing …. locusts. Our area was hit with the plague, and it was loud and disgusting. They were everywhere! Supposedly this happens about once every 13 years. It was so crazy! But just as quickly as they arrived, a couple weeks later they were gone … and we just had a bunch of their shells left. Who wants me to make them a cicada carcass collage???

1-Phone Pics17

There have been two new breweries open up in our area and we thought we’d scope them out. Each one is very different from the other, but our favorite is Dry Ground Brewing Company. Atmosphere is cool and Scott says the beer is awesome. We’ll have to make another visit once I can indulge again. It also has a great community vibe. A running club meets there once a week, there is sidewalk chalk for the kids. Definitely makes me wish we lived within walking distance!

The only downside of Dry Ground is that they don’t serve food. They’ll let you pack food in or have it delivered, which is nice. The other location has a more hipster vibe and is operating out of an old Greyhound bus station. They serve food, but their beer selection left something to be desired.


So, that’s all the random stuff that’s happened over the last couple of months. We are hoping to get the nursery finished up this weekend and share final photos of that soon. The new roommate will be here in less than 8 weeks!

– Allie



2 thoughts on “We’ve been up to stuff …

  1. The nursery is so awesome! Love all your decorating ideas. Hope you have a chance to put your feet up one of these days BEFORE the baby arrives. 🙂

  2. Yes as Nancy says, REST while you can. Everything looks so cute and fresh and upbeat. You two are so creative. The 17 year cicadas weren’t too bad in our yard as we treat our grass, but in the Fontenelle Forest and other wooded areas it looked pretty much like your yard. Was your yard crunchy to walk on??? Probably would have freaked little children out. heheheheh
    I know the days will go fast, just so glad we got to celebrate with you over the 4th. We will be praying and thinking of you every day.

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