The music room is jammin’

When we bought our house 3+ years ago, we had a ton of space for all our stuff. Moving from tiny apartments made moving into a 1,700 sq. ft. house seem enormous! We doled out closet space like beads at a Mardi Gras parade. “Scott you want your own closet? Wish granted!” … “Closet for all our beer supplies? Yes, sir!” … and the list went on.

We’ve lived very happily with this system for the past three years. However, when we found out that a new roommate would be coming to live with us (forever!! … well, let’s hope until he/she is 18) we knew we had to do some reorganizing and consolidating (aka – pitching).

We made a really long list of everything that needs to be done before the baby comes. The problem was, if you clean out one room, all that stuff needs to go somewhere. This begins the domino effect of organizing rooms and closets. First we decided to tackle the laundry room.

1-Phone Pics15
It was such an ugly yellow. Dingy. It actually needed two coats of white paint to cover everything. We purged a bunch of old paint cans leftover from the previous owners, consolidated cleaning supplies, and moved a bunch of Scott’s tools from the utility closet up here.


Sooooo much better!

This freed up a LOT of space in the utility closet. Which made our coat closet more manageable as well. Next, we set our sites on the music room. This hasn’t been the most defined space in the house. In all honesty it’s been pretty neglected. Scott used to give lessons, so we just pushed everything against the walls to make sure there was space in the middle of the room. It always looked weird.

Over the course of the last few months we’ve slowly updated it.

  • New coat of paint (Moonshine)
  • Stained/poly-ed/installed wood shelves
  • Painted the crown molding and baseboards
  • Installed new faux-wood blinds
  • Got a new filing cabinet
  • Sold three pieces of furniture
  • Moved the piano to the living room
  • Moved the guest bedroom bed in as well as my old dresser

I would show you a bunch of “before” photos, but unfortunately I could only find one photo of that room. One! I guess it was never really photo-worthy.


The room still has plenty of space for Scott to do some recording as well as giving our guests ample room as well. Scott even mentioned that he wants this to be our room. 🙂 He said, “everything I like is in this room.” Haha!





So, now that this room is officially complete and the old guest bedroom is cleared out, we’ve been able to start on the nursery. Walls, baseboards, crown molding and the closet have all been painted. We’ve put together the baby crib and are finishing up painting a couple furniture pieces. Almost there!!! Then we’ll be ready for the onslaught of baby showers.

In other news … our outdoor plants have been thriving. The fact that it has been raining every other day definitely helps!


The garden is doing nicely as well. We’ve been feasting on romaine lettuce for the past month. Our spinach didn’t do so well this year. I think we had woodland creatures feasting on that. In a couple weeks I think we’ll have some squash, zucchini and cucumbers coming in.


And finally I’ll end with a baby update. I’ve officially entered the third trimester. The last lap! I think the countdown calendar has us at 90 days until the due date. Baby G will be here before we know it!

1-Baby Photos5

How far along: 27 weeks
Gender: Unknown!
Weight gain: 12-15 lbs.
Maternity clothes: I didn’t know how long my regular clothes would last, but now that I’ve entered the third trimester, maternity clothes are just sooo incredibly comfortable that even if I could squeeze into a pair of non-maternity pants, I just say no. I’m wearing a lot more dresses. Anytime I can forego traditional pants, I’m on it. Leggings = yes, maxi dresses = yes.
Sleep: Sleep is still about the same as before. I’m up once in the middle of the night and I’m slowly adjusting to the whole sleeping on my side thing. Otherwise, I feel good.
Best moment this month: Getting the baby’s room put together. It’s incredibly surreal, but it’s exciting! Also, going to a bunch of yard sales with my mom. Since she lives a couple hours away, it was fun to spend a morning with her picking out baby clothes.
Worst moment this month: More acid reflux. Still manageable with Tums, but still isn’t fun. Our kid might have lots of hair.
Miss anything: Running and adult beverages. As it’s getting warmer outside, All I want to do is sit on the back porch or around the fire pit with a beer or glass of wine … or a mimosa … or margarita.
Movement: Oh my Lord the kicks … and rolls … and weird alien fingertip feelings. This kid is definitely a mover. It’s getting to the point where it is starting to wake me up in the middle of the night. Scott loves it. He can feel the baby moving constantly and is even playing games where he’ll push on my belly and the baby will push back. {heart melting} 🙂
Cravings: WATERMELON! I want to eat all the watermelon!
Queasy or sick: None at all.
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery completed and getting to see a bunch of family and friends during all the baby showers in July!

And that’s about it from our side of the street. We are hoping that the baby’s room is ready to roll in the next two weeks. And then we can finally binge-watch Bloodline…. Priorities.

– Allie


3 thoughts on “The music room is jammin’

  1. You guys are so crazy with energy. Please bottle this as you might need it later. 🙂 Everything look magnificent. Can’t wait to see you and pat that cute little bump. Love ya

  2. Love all your new changes. I’m not surprised that Scott wants the guest/music room to be the master bedroom. Ha! Can’t wait to see the nursery when you have put on the finishing touches. What a lucky little person your new roommate will be…

  3. You have the best preggo pics!! All belly! Can’t wait to hold and squeeze Cheeto. I am still predicting a boy! I could be wrong though!

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