Cans and Fans

My parents came to town a couple weekends ago to help us get some projects done. A project weekend with my parents causes a little anxiety because they fully intend on getting stuff done around the house. They are not very lounge-y people. No shopping. No relaxing. Well … unless all the work is done.

My dad is the one to watch out for. It is not uncommon for him to arrive at the house and be up on the roof cleaning the gutters within 15 minutes. No time can be wasted!! Needless to say, I need to have a slew of projects for him to do.

I felt pretty good about my Dad To-Do List:
– Mow the yard
– Cut the monkey grass
– Mulch all the flower beds and around the trees
– Powerwash the house and patio
– Install 9 can lights
– Install new dimming light switches
– Move the piano
– Install two new doorbells
– Fix the DirecTV satellite signal (he’s licensed to do this)

Pretty good list if you ask me. Mom and Dad were only going to be in town for a couple days, so I thought this would substantial enough.

I was wrong. When I arrived home from work at 5 p.m. on that Friday (they arrived at 4), everything had been mulched and the monkey grass was cut. I made everyone stop so we could get ice cream (stalling :)), but when we got back dad proceeded to mow the yard and powerwash the patio. My list was screwed.

The next morning we headed to Lowe’s to buy everything we needed to install the recessed lighting. Around 11 a.m. we were back and dad was getting started.


I had to leave for a work event that afternoon, so Scott and my mom were the handy helpers.

Scott measured where we wanted the lights and then poked a hanger up into the ceiling where dad would let him know how close he was to the stud. After a few more measurements, they drilled a hole and installed the light. Dad is an electrician and wired everything up and down to the new dimmer switch.

1-Phone Pics13

There was one teensy little measuring mishap, but it’s since been patched/spackled and you can’t even tell.

1-Phone Pics14

This was all completed by the time I got back … 4 hours later.

We called it an early evening and ate dinner and watched the Cardinals baseball game. Oh yeah … my amazing mom also made all the meals for the weekend!! So not only did they come down and do all this work, they made us some great food too. Keeping the troops going. By the end of day Saturday, my list was completed.

After church on Sunday, Dad decides that he wants to install fans in the baby’s room and guest bedroom. Up until that point, there were four can lights in the corners of each room with a boob light in the middle. We replaced the boob light with a fan (no light kit). Oh and he also decided that instead of the traditional can lights, he wanted them upgraded to LEDs because he thought the lights would get too hot. This took dad just a couple hours.


He also decided to pay for the fans and the light upgrade because (and I quote), “I would much rather give my grandchild new lights and fans than a crib.” Priorities!

The new lights are awesome and so are the fans. I honestly don’t know how we did anything in those two rooms once it got dark at night. I like light and lots of it!!

After my parents left we took a much needed nap! I am crazy thankful for everything they do for us. Too bad they don’t live a little closer!

Here’s what we have going on in other news:

First purchase for Baby G
BabyLit books!! I sooooo want all of these. Most moms probably buy a first outfit or something along those lines … just books for our kid. I scored these for a super deal off Zulily.


Maternity Clothes
My amazing friend gave me her huge tub of maternity clothes. So many options, not to mention saving us a ton of money. Good thing we are the same size!


Flowers and Rainbows
I planted some zinnias in our front planter and they are totally loving it. I got an assortment of colors and they make me so happy when I pull in the driveway each evening.


Tis the season for pop up storms … which sometimes yield double rainbows!


Filing Cabinet
We are purging furniture pieces that we’ve had for many years and are slowly upgrading to big kid furniture. This is our filing cabinet. I wanted something that didn’t look like a filing cabinet. Can’t wait to show you a pic of the music room! It has definitely gotten a face-lift over the last few months!!


And that’s it from our side of the street. We still have plenty more projects that we’d like to get done before the munchkin gets here. I’m excited to be home after a slew of weeks on the road with work to finally knock some projects out!

Stay tuned!

– Allie


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