Baby G Makes Three!

The cat’s been out of the bag for a few weeks with our family and friends, so I thought I’d share with all of you that Scott and I are going to be adding a new runner/homebrew helper/silly song singer to our house. We are SO excited and completely terrified to become parents, and are cautiously optimistic about the whole “no sleep” thing.

Here’s a photo from our 6-week appointment a couple months ago. We’ll get another ultrasound done in a few weeks and those photos will look more like a baby. πŸ™‚

1-6 week scan_1-001

Our little munchkin is due at the end of August … which is getting close!


Scott and I found out on Christmas Eve that I was pregnant. It was a really great Christmas present, but our families like to party, so we knew we had to be pretty good actors to allude their pregnancy-hound senses. Homebrewing helped with a lot of this! We took some spare bottles, filled them with tea and capped them. Needless to say, I actually stayed very hydrated during our annual “Cousins Night Out” extravaganza.


The next few weeks were a little crappy. Food was hit or miss and I went through about 5 weeks of nausea. Not near as bad as some women have it, but it still wasn’t fun. Scott was such a super husband (and still is!) to put up with me during that time.

As crazy as it sounds, during this crappy-nausea-feeling time we were training for a half marathon! Running really helped curb my nausea and kept me from sleeping on the couch as soon as I came home from work each day. Some days Baby G didn’t feel like running, so I walked … or did a walk/run combo. I ran by feel and it felt great.

The day of our half marathon I was 11 weeks pregnant and it was 60 degrees outside! We ran by feel, I didn’t push myself, kept VERY hydrated and we ended up finishing in 2:10. I was amazed!

The best part of this whole journey (so far) has been telling people! We were able to video tape a lot of our close family by having them pose for a photo. Then, as we were about to take the photo, we’d say “Smile! … and say Scott and Allie are pregnant!” Here are some of their reactions:

Scott’s parents. Notice how it didn’t register with his dad right away. πŸ™‚

2-Picture 6.png
My parents. And yes, the cats had to be in the photo. My mom and sister already knew, so mainly it was a surprise for my dad.

3-Picture 12.png

Scott’s brother and sister-in-law, Scott’s sister and Scott’s Grandma.

1-Baby Photos
And finally my absolute favorite, my mom’s side of the family. First of all, they are a crazy bunch. We were all together for our annual “Butchering” where we make summer sausage.

1-Picture 2.png

For my dad’s side of the family, it happened to by my cousin’s bridal shower. It was awesome the whole family was together, but I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from my cousin either. So, we did a more passive announcement with cookies. Scott and I made and decorated them and boxed them up.

We arrived after the bridal shower was over, but everyone was still there hanging out. I gave the box of cookies to my Aunt Martha/godmother, and she freaked out! It was so funny. Everyone was so excited and I was happy we could announce it to them in person.


So, that’s why this blog has been on a kind of hiatus these past few weeks. Amazingly we still have a pretty good list of stuff that we’d like to do around the house before Baby G gets here. So this blog won’t completely be all baby, but this new kiddo is our favorite project to date … so I can’t make any promises that it won’t!

Thanks for stopping in!



10 thoughts on “Baby G Makes Three!

  1. What excitement! I am proud to be the person in the pictures with the biggest open mouth reaction! As it should be with Baby G’s grandma G…

  2. Hi Scott and Allie,

    I just wanted to let you know I believe I know someone that was on my Facebook who is posting your ultrasound pic from your blog Feb ’15 on her own Facebook claiming it to be hers. If you would like more info, please email me. I know if someone were taking my pics off my site and someone found out I’d like to be informed. Thanks😊

    • Hi Camille, thanks for the heads up! That’s really random that someone would do that! She might have snagged it from a Google image search and didn’t realize it was from a personal blog. Either way, if you want to give me her info, I can send her a PM. Thanks!

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