The Worst Project Ever

This is going to be a quick post, which is amazing considering the amount of time it has taken us to complete this project. We’ve been working on this for about 3 weeks.

So, what huge undertaking did we accomplish? Tile a floor? Paint a room? Oh no. Those projects would be EASY compared to … the infamous TUB SPOUT. Gosh it sucked.

Here’s what happened, which is probably something that has happened to a lot of you … our tub spout was dripping. And not like a drip every so often. Oh no, we let this escalate for some time. It was pure Chinese Water Torture anytime you had to use the bathroom in there. SO, one weekend we decided to fix it.

A lot of people think that by replacing the actual spout that you will fix the drip. Nope. The water is controlled from the faucet. We knew how to fix this since we fixed our master bath shower the same way last year. For that underwhelming story, check out this link.

Long story short, we replaced the rubber pieces inside the faucet so that it wouldn’t drip water. Perfect. No more dripping. HOWEVER, if you ever wanted to say, you know, take a shower in that bathroom, 75% of the water would come out of the tub spout instead of the shower head because the “diverter” was crap (it’s the pull-up thingie on the spout). So, that’s why we needed a whole new tub spout/diverter. Easy. Right?

Well, we quickly learned that no amount of brute force would make this tub spout twist off. Everyone’s tub spout is a little different, but ours just twists on rather than uses the hidden screw. Well I guess YEARS or maybe decades of calcium buildup would not allow the tub spout to be removed. So, Scott decided to annihilate it with the reciprocating saw.


Oh what a mess. He got it off as you can see, but he nipped the tip of the galvanized pipe … which happens to be called a nipple. Please bear with me as I dive deep into the realm of plumbing jargon.

We couldn’t screw the new spout on because the nipple had fallen victim to the reciprocating saw. After asking around to a few plumbing friends, they said that the entire galvanized pipe needed to come out. Hahahaha! Oh what jokesters they are! Comedians! The pipe would not budge.

We tried more than a few hairbrained alternative schemes, but after talking to my Uncle Tom, he really urged us to just get the pipe out.


Scott and I spent an evening taking turns destroying our hands by using vice grips to try and unscrew the pipe. We had sprayed some WD-40 on the pipe to hopefully loosen it up a little bit. Finally, we were both soooo tired of dealing with it that I said, “Just let me have one more go at it.” And wouldn’t you know it, my birdlike arms and raw hands loosened that pipe! Scott stared at me in disbelief as I pounded my chest like Tarzan. I went primal, people. I almost cried out of pure delirium and exultation.

We then decided to head to Lowes to get a new pipe. The old one was 6.5″ long so we figured we’d go get the same thing. We skipped home with our $2.50 pipe, screwed it into the wall just to find out that the NEW tub spout is longer than the old one. AHHHHH! The never-ending project. You almost have to laugh. Almost.

We went back to Lowes to find that they didn’t make the size pipe we needed. So, we improvised. We ended up buying a bunch of different sizes of pipes (nipples on each end) and screwed them together with a coupling. And it worked. It WORKED!

So, here is the shiniest new addition to our home:


Now we don’t have to make our guests take a shower and bath at the same time! It’s so wonderful.

So, this is literally what we did over our Christmas/New Year. A new tub spout. And if any of you were able to replace yours all easy peasy, please do not tell me. I don’t want to know.

This post wasn’t as short as I anticipated. Thanks for sticking it out. 🙂

– Allie


2 thoughts on “The Worst Project Ever

  1. hahahaha – so understand – there is a similar project with a toilet, and a hole cut in the ceiling over at the deckers that has a similar ring to it. Ugh! Your spout is beautiful now.

  2. In my opinion, plumbing just sucks. We never have good luck with plumbing. It always ends with a bucket and pile of wet towels….. Glad your project turned out so well! Great job!

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