Turkey Day … and lots of kids

I’ve probably said it a million times, but it’s a blessing and a curse that both of our families live close to each other. When the holidays come around and Scott and I travel home, we make a point to spend time with each of our families. Thankfully, we get to see both families every time we are home, but our time with them is shortened and activities are crammed in. It’s exhausting packing up and running back and forth, but seeing everyone is definitely worth it!

We started off our Thanksgiving holiday with a visit to the hospital to see our friends and their shiny new baby girl – Leah. We love this family and are so happy for them!

Oh and be warned … this post contains LOTS of photos with kids. They are everywhere!

While at home we continued with our 1,000 Mile Challenge and have almost made it through 30 straight days of running. It was great having my sister run with us and running in the snow is always a blast.

1-Phone Pics12

My parent’s house in the winter has always been one of my favorite places. They are tucked back in the trees and it’s always nice to snuggle up next to the fireplace.


Later we headed to my Aunt Donna’s for my family’s HUGE Thanksgiving lunch. There are a ton of people there and the food and drinks are amazing, and somehow we always manage to squeeze in a game of charades.


Next, we headed over to see Scott’s family and play with our niece and nephew.



Friday turned out to be a gorgeous day and we ventured out to chop down the annual back porch Christmas tree for Scott’s parents.

Scott’s grandpa used to own a Christmas tree farm, so on their land there are lots of trees for many years to come. I ventured out with the boys to help chop down the tree. Hopefully one day we can get everyone out there for a family photo!




Luke and Yoda:




We are so thankful for all the family and friends in our lives! Cheers to this holiday season!

– Allie




2 thoughts on “Turkey Day … and lots of kids

  1. It great seeing you on Thanksgiving, we missed you for the fish fry on Friday evening, there were about 2 servings left over, couldn’t belief that everyone seemed to be hungry again, after the big feast on Thursday. We are having our Family Christmas here on Saturday for lunch. See you then. we are doing the $20.00 gift exchange for the adults.

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