Baby Blankets

This year, three families really close to us announced they were pregnant. Later, they all announced that they were each having a little girl! I decided that rather than buy them something that their little cutie would only be able to use for a little bit … like clothes, bottles, etc, I thought I would try my hand at sewing them each a blanket.

I foundΒ this tutorial online for a “Faux Chenille Blanket” and instantly fell in love with it. It was unique, and it wouldn’t require me to take the blanket to a quilter to finish it. It didn’t look too difficult, albeit a little time consuming, but nevertheless, maybe a little fun.

For the first blanket, the craft/music room was still out of commission so I set up shop in our living room while watching the World Cup games.


The blankets aren’t hard to make at all. You just lay your four pieces of fabric together and sew your brains out. All my lines were definitely not straight … but that makes it that much more homemade looking … right? πŸ™‚

The tutorial said to choose a printed “top” fabric and three to four solid “bottom” fabrics. My top fabric was cotton, while my three bottom ones were flannel. I opted not to use spray adhesive and just pinned the layers together.

Once they were all sewn together, it looked something like this:



Then, I enlisted Scott’s help to help trim up and square the edges. I opted to round the corners because I couldn’t figure out how to do a square corner binding … so with the rounded corners, you just keep sewing like one big circle. Haha!

Next, you do the inconceivable … you cut it up. All of it. Well, not ALL of it. Just the “bottom” three layers. This takes a little bit, but it’s not too terrible.


After it’s all cut, that’s when the binding gets sewn on. Then, you wash and dry it and it turns out like this: (!!!)


Nora and Charlotte were the first two girls born and their momma’s due dates were close together, so they announced their genders about the same time, which allowed me to buy all the fabric for those blankets at the same time. I changed up the color scheme on the back so they were a little different.



Baby girl number three is due ANY DAY NOW!! I’m so excited for our friends to welcome this little girl into the world.

With this little girl’s blanket, it was the same story, just different fabric:

10-Baby Blanket



Many hours of love were poured into these blankets, and I am no longer timid around my sewing machine. I have had my fill of pink fabric for a while, though. Here’s to hoping the next baby blanket is for a little boy!

– Allie


8 thoughts on “Baby Blankets

  1. You never cease to amaze me Allie, Your Great-Grandma Haertling quilted all the time, I still have several of the Quilts she made for us, I love homemade quilts, I need to take lessons from you. looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh yay Allie! I’m so proud of you and not being afraid to try something new. Yes there is a LOT of sewing. You must be persistent or stubborn to stick to it and do all three. They are all so cute and they just get fluffier after each washing. Wish you were closer as I would have loved to help you with the binding.

    • Everywhere I read, people said it actually takes less time to make this quilt than measuring and cutting fabric like you were making a real quilt … and this one allows errors. πŸ™‚ I do wish we lived closer to you all. I’d be over at your house ALL the time!

  3. Reason #742 I think you’re amazing!!!

    Baby girl is going to love it; her momma already does!!! I’m so thankful for you and honored you spent so much time making this! It’s something I’ll hold onto forever after she uses it πŸ™‚

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