Random Monday Musings

Sometimes I have bits and pieces from our weeks that don’t really fit into a blog post. Today is going to be a really random mash-up of things going on at Casa de Scallie … you’ve been warned.

I feel really weird about writing a post of us cleaning our house. Like, “Hey, look at us! We are really good homeowners because we cleaned our house!” … Everyone cleans their house. No awards are given for vacuuming your carpet or cleaning your toilet. Although, that would be nice … and it might get done more often 🙂

Seriously though. We went crazy a couple weekends ago. I usually make this super long list of everything that needs to be cleaned. This way Scott doesn’t have to keep asking what needs to be done. AND more importantly, I get this amazing satisfaction from crossing things off a list. I may even go so far as to make a bullet point that says, “Make a list” just so I can cross it off once my list is made. I’ve got problemz.

We went above and beyond. Windows were washed, baseboards scrubbed, hardwood floors were washed, curtains were laundered, and we went so far as to shampoo the carpets. Who are we?!





Yes. That was in our carpet. Yuckyuckyuck! Also, if this makes you want to clean your carpets, definitely get the Bissell “Big Green” from Lowes. Do not get the Rug Doctor. Big Green blows the Rug Doctor out of the water. We rented Big Green for 48 hours and it cost us $35. I’ll pay that all day. It’s actually cheaper for 24 hours, but we decided to shampoo half of all the carpeted rooms one day, let them dry, then move everything to the other side of the room and shampoo the other side the next day. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We also had a freak-out moment when our freezer decided not to work. We have a temperature gauge on the inside door of the fridge and the freezer temp was climbing. I started calling all our friends to see what kind of freezer space they had. We were NOT looking forward to dealing with all of this. However, I did some research online and a bunch of people said that the coils in the back of the fridge can get dusty/dirty over time and causes the fridge/freezer to warm up.

Sure enough, once we pulled the back plate off, it was filthy. We wiped and vacuumed everything down and it worked like a charm. ThankyouGod!


Our house has also been nerd central. Scott decided to build a model submarine …


… while I have discovered our public library and have been devouring books. I kind of become a “non-person” when it comes to reading a good book. I’m so engrossed that I forget that I have to be a wife. Whoopsie!

We made shelves for the music room!









We just bought some builder-grade lumber, spray painted some $2 brackets that hold 100 pounds each. I sanded, stained and poly-ed the boards. Scott installed them. I put all our books up there. It’s awesome. And no, you are not seeing things … that is a shirt made out of $2 bills that Scott received from his Grandma for his 13th birthday. He’s nostalgic like that.

Next random thing: Bread Machine!!!!!!!!

Each year my parents get us a little something for our anniversary. So far it has always been something extremely useful that we can use around the house. This year I couldn’t think of anything until I talked to my sister. She mentioned that she scored our grandma’s old bread maker and she was making this delicious bread.

I wanted delicious bread. So, I researched and found the best fit for us and mentioned it to my mom. The bread machine arrived on our anniversary and I promptly made a honey, whole-wheat loaf using this recipe. YUM!




Scott and I were so excited about this that we burned our fingers trying to slice the bread as soon as it was finished. It was worth it though!!

Finally, all you internet people, please hold me accountable to never cutting my hair short again. Gah. I know that’s really superficial and y’all probably couldn’t care less, but I needed to get that out there. They say hair grows like 6 inches a year …

Thanks for following along with our weirdness. I promise that the rest of the posts won’t be so random!

– Allie


3 thoughts on “Random Monday Musings

  1. All your energy makes me want to get out and get my outside windows washed. You got a really good price on your rug cleaner, much cheaper than a Rug DR rental around here. Your bread turned out great, can be a little hard on the waist line, but its great to have once in a while.
    Love hearing from you.

  2. I LOVE random. For those of us with a short attention span, you switch before we can get bored. HA! I love the smell of bread! Mmmmm

  3. Love the new look in the music room; especially your collectibles on the shelves.
    Hey, how about bringing some homemade bread to our Thanksgiving feast?! Yum! Maybe some new flavors of butter, too… herb, strawberry, etc. Sounds like fun to me…

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