Pallet Signs

If I had to sum up Pinterest in three words it would be pallets, burlap, and recipes. You can’t scroll for very long without seeing a Pin about any of these. So, rewind back to the end of April where we claimed a pallet from my office’s shipping dock.

I mentioned it back in this post that we decided to make some pallet signs. What I didn’t mention at the time was that although we made a pallet sign for ourselves, we also made one for Scott’s mom for Mother’s Day.







The best way to get the pallet slats off are to use a reciprocating saw. Trust me! Once you have the slats off, remove any old nails, sand the entire piece and cut to the lengths you desire. We had some leftover wood scraps that we used to wood glue and nail the pallet slats to.


Scott’s parents have a great sense of humor and we decided to have a little fun with the saying on the sign that we intended to go by their pool: “We don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk!”

However, I didn’t want this thing to look like my handwriting and have the first few words nicely spaced just to find that the other words in the sentence had to be scrunched together to fit! So, I scoured Pinterest to find a way to make the pallet not look like crap!

One site (can’t remember it now) said that if you have an INKJET printer (toner printers won’t work), you can mirror the words, apply some water to the paper and use the end of sharpie (or something hard/rounded) to transfer the words.





I found that a little bit of water goes a long way. You don’t want it to get too wet or there will be a lot of bleeding and you might rip your paper when rubbing the pen over the paper. I also thought that I should leave the wet pieces of paper on there once I finished the transfer … don’t do that. As soon as you’re done transferring the letters, take the paper off or else the ink will bleed everywhere!



Once I let the pallet dry, I picked out some exterior paint we had on hand to go over the letters. If this wasn’t going outside and I wanted to keep the black transfer, all I would have to do is spray on a clear coat.


The font I used is called “Pupcat”. I get all of my free fonts from or So. Many. Choices! I love fonts, so I get absorbed in these websites very quickly!


I hosed this whole sign with 5-ish coats of a clear Rustoleum spray paint. This sign has a new home by the pool and we had quite a few laughs when we first gave this to Scott’s mom.

Now, we just need to fix up our sign. I gave ours a whitewash coat and now we’re just figuring out what we want to put on it. We’re thinking an old-time-y scuba helmet:

scuba helmet

We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping in! We are still finishing up a couple projects from this weekend that I hope to share with you later this week!

– Allie



One thought on “Pallet Signs

  1. Yes, we love our “chunky dunk” sign! It takes the pressure off right away so everyone knows that we don’t care what you might look like in your swimsuit – just come join the fun!!

    Thanks again Scott & Allie for our awesome pool sign! We love it!!

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