Hero Run Half-Marathon

We knew it would happen … we just didn’t know when.

A bad race morning.

Scott and I have been running races for about 7 years. The “Hero Run” this past weekend in Mascoutah, IL marked our 7th half-marathon. We are always very cautious the week leading up to a race. We eat well, drink plenty of water, get more sleep than normal … and try not to do anything stupid that would mess up the weeks/months of training we put in before the race.

Well, the week leading up to the race I almost blew out my knee during a short 3-miler that left me wearing a knee brace for 4 days. I got a sty in my eye (or had an allergic reaction to make-up, jury’s still out) and my eye was swollen. We stayed out really late a couple nights. Ate terribly. Not good.

Funny Story
We were staying at my parents and woke up early to drive to the race. While I was getting ready, Scott ate breakfast. Peanut butter toast. Nothing fancy. When I got around to eating, Scott had already toasted me some bread and left out the PB. I noticed the top of the PB jar was dusty, but thought it must be flour or something. As I was slathering on the PB I noticed the consistency was off. I looked at the jar and noticed that it had expired 2 years ago! I threw the jar away and asked Scott if he ate that PB. He said, yes and had thought it tasted funny. Greaaaaaat. The last thing we need is a puking incident during the race.
… Fast forward to the end of the race …
No puking, but we asked my mom why she had expired peanut butter in the house. She said, “Oh. We use that as bait in case we need to catch a raccoon” (my parents live in the woods and sometimes raccoons like to cause a ruckus). Scott ate raccoon bait! Hahahaha!

Back to the race morning. It was COLD!


Yes. The “RealFeel” was 29 degrees! Thankfully, we were bundled up in all our winter running gear. It was crazy to us that the weekend before we were wearing tank-tops and shorts and sweating our butts off. That’s the Midwest for ya!

Due to all these factors, we weren’t terribly optimistic about doing too well in the race.

Once the race started, we were ready to get our bodies warmed up. We kept an 8:30 min/mile pace through the first 6 miles. It was around this point that we decided to finish the race in under 2 hours.

Around the 9.5-10 mile mark we were feeling it. My hips hurt and Scott’s knees were on fire … but we had a goal. We kept pushing each other, I sang the Rocky theme song for Scott, he kept making fun of the town’s name (“Man this race would go a lot faster if I had ‘mah scoota'”) and we muddled through the last few miles.

The guy that finished first did so in like 1 hr and 17 min. Stupid fast. Below is a photo from the race. Mom totally photo-bombed half the finish-line photos. Awesome. Hahaha!!


We finished in 1:56:10. We placed 99th and 100th overall. As much as everything went wrong, eating raccoon-bait peanut butter, Scott still managed to set a new half-marathon PR!! I’m so proud of him. 🙂




After the race we loaded up on coffee, OJ and beer! Such a great combination. Haha!

We trained up for this race as a motivation to exercise. Almost all of our runs were ran by “feel” rather than with a watch. It was a pleasant surprise that our bodies responded so well after such a crazy week. This just proves that there are many ways to train for a race, but the ultimate goal is to just have fun with it. And we sure did. 🙂

After the race we headed over to see my grandpa in his new assisted living digs. We affectionately call him “Grampy” and I couldn’t help but crack up when arriving at his door.


You can pet the stuffed kitty and crack yourself some pecans! I love this photo because it is so Grandpa. In his mind who wouldn’t love to chow down on pecans??


Grampy was in great spirits and even offered to mix us up a Fuzzy Navel since he had some peach schnapps in the cabinet (such a host). He said we had to go down to the kitchen and get our own OJ from the machine, which he said wasn’t the best, but would do. Oh he makes me smile.

Also, in other news, we have a new niece!!! She is seriously the cutest new human I know right now. I just want to smooch her little face. We are now Aunt/Uncle x 2!!



She’s a gorgeous little thing. 🙂

That’s about it from our side of the street. It’s been one heck of an eventful week/weekend. Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie


6 thoughts on “Hero Run Half-Marathon

  1. Oh sheesh! So glad I had my hood up so no one will recognize me! It was the best place to be because the fence blocked the wind because it was COLD! So proud of you guys; you ran a great race!

  2. You guys are awesome. I’m panting just thinking of all that running. Grampy is funny, but heard he put out uncracked nuts as there is a clepto that will take all your chocolate if you put it out, so he keeps that in his room. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your PR ! Can’t imagine running that in the cold! I’ll be heading back to the States in a few weeks for the Indianapolis Monumental Half on Nov. 1st…guess I should pack the gloves!

    • You never know what the weather will be around here! We always run with those cheap knit gloves in case we need to throw them away in a race. My must-have for cold-weather running is that headband that covers my ears … not necessarily for the warmth, but more to block the wind. Good luck in your race!!

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