Pirate Vacation – A Landlubber’s Tale – Part 2

Hopefully you all weren’t waiting with bated breath in anticipation of the second half of our “Pirate Vacation” (first half found here). So, to start where I left off, we had just spent a day gallivanting with the wild horses on Shackleford Banks and I was almost bitten by a hammerhead shark while relieving myself in the ocean. Perfect.

The next morning we were up bright and early so Scott could head to the dive shop to go scuba diving for the day. It was cool and foggy that morning, so I snagged a book and my coffee and headed up to the rooftop deck to read in my jammies.


I knew Scott would be gone for the majority of the day, so I decided to leisurely spend my morning walking around Beaufort checking out all the old houses and docks.


Around 3:00 that afternoon I received a text from Scott that they were headed back and he was ready to be picked up. I won’t give any of the details away from his scuba trip, but let’s just say he had an eventful day!


Psst: Scott is working on putting together his first blog post about his diving excursion and will hopefully have it finished up by the end of the week. 

Scott was pretty worn out, so we headed back to our condo so he could nap … and so I could finish up season 2 of Orange is the New Black (please don’t judge me). That evening we decided to order some pizza and just hang out on the roof.


The sunset that evening proved to be the best yet.



The next morning, Scott felt a lot better and we were ready to hit the beach. We drove over to Atlantic Beach and resumed being lazy.


I have to give it to North Carolina. Their beaches are amazing! They were not crowded, they were clean, and the surf would come way up the beach. It was so peaceful.


We both headed out and played in the waves all morning … until my paranoia got the best of me and I was sure we were about to get bitten by a shark.


For lunch I did an Urbanspoon search for some beach cafe we could hang at since we were salty and sandy. The Shark Shack was the closest and boasted “some of the best seafood in the area”. I’m always leery of such bold claims, but we ventured over anyway. When we arrived, it definitely fit the bill of a shack!



We opted for the seafood tacos (one fried, one spicy grilled) and everything looked pretty good.


… and holy smokes it was amazing!!! It was definitely the best seafood we had all week. I wish I would have ordered the grilled instead of the fried, but thankfully Scott was willing to share. My mouth waters just thinking of it again. Glorious.

After lunch we walked around to fill my daily colorful house quota. Can’t get enough!


I’ve never been a fan of yellow houses, but how gorgeous is that?! I told Scott that I wanted bright blue shutters like that on our house. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent touring different museums since it was getting pretty hot out. First we stopped at Olympus Dive Center to see some of the artifacts that they uncovered when they discovered the shipwreck of the German U-Boat – U-352. Scott had been earning extra nerd points with his obsession with this specific wreck.


We also found a map of some of the shipwrecks in the area and were able to see where exactly Scott had dove the day before:


The USCG Cutter Spar is actually ranked as the #3 best wreck to dive in North Carolina by ScubaDiving.com.

We also got to meet Poseidon himself. I guess he was too good to look at the camera.


By this point in the day we were a ripe combination of salty, sandy, sweaty, stinky and sleepy … Yum. We moseyed back to our condo for our afternoon nap, but more importantly – a shower!

Before dinner we decided to check out the North Carolina Maritime Museum. This was on Scott’s check-list of places to visit since it houses many of the remains of Blackbeard’s pirate ship.


Scott managed to blend in perfectly.


There are actually two parts to the museum – the museum-y part and the wooden boat restoring Watercraft Center.




Since this was our last night in town we couldn’t stray from our ritual of pre-dinner drinks on the roof-top.


Or miss out on another epic sunset:


It was around this time that we got to talking about the old houses in the area. The oldest one I saw on my walk the other morning was built in 1730. We decided to look it up, and the oldest house in Beaufort is the Hammock House built in 1709 … which also is where Blackbeard supposedly stayed … and is considered haunted.

Scott was like, “How did I miss this?!” The Hammock House was only about a mile from our condo so we decided to take a late evening stroll. Now, if you know me, I don’t do haunted. So once we arrived, I kept my safe distance. 🙂


Scott wanted to get a closer look at the plaque on the wall. I stayed in the yard and let the mosquitoes annihilate my legs.


The next morning before we left, we headed back over and got a better photo of the house. I am continually surprised on how well kept many of these old homes are!


We also took some photos of the main street before embarking on our 14 hour journey home.


Overall this trip was the relaxing, peaceful vacation that we needed. If you are looking for a beach trip but are tired of the crowded, touristy Florida-esque beaches, I would HIGHLY suggest the Outer Banks. We were only able to experience a small part of the Outer Banks and hope to make more trips over there in the future.

Thanks for stopping in and check back in a couple days for Scott’s scuba diving post!

– Allie


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