We’ve been adventuring

The countdown is on … 46 days left of summer. Hallelujah! Although this summer has been pretty mild, I can’t wait !! [said in a high-pitched voice] for Fall to get here. I love sweaters, bonfires, peanut butter s’mores, our anniversary, dark beers on a cool night, corn mazes, football, and the list goes on and on. Fall is by far my favorite season. By. Far.

Oh and Fall is also when like everyone we know who is pregnant will have their little minions. New humans! I love new humans. They also fall into “my favorite things” category. One of these new babies is actually our niece. We are super pumped to be Aunt/Uncle Scallie v2.0. So pumped that we went down and painted this little girl’s room for her:

2-Summer 2014-003

I’m sure my ovaries will probably explode once she arrives. We’re really hoping she has some bright red hair like her daddy.

Painting our niece’s room meant another trip down to Nashville, TN. We met up with Scott’s brother and sister-in-law at The Pharmacy. This place is awesome. I wish I lived down the street. Beer Garden + Epic Burgers + German food = new favorite restaurant. I also loved their tongue-in-cheek slogans on some of the t-shirts the waiters were wearing: “The wurst-burger joint in Nashville” or “The biggest wiener party in Nashville”. We cracked a smile.


1-Summer 2014-002

Scott and I both ordered the “Mission City Burger” which came topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, black beans and horchata crema fresca. My mouth is watering just thinking of it again. Definitely a tasty place that we will be visiting again!

Fast forward to this past weekend. We had tickets to the Cardinals vs. Brewers game in St. Louis. I took the day off on Friday so we could have another fun day date. We had all sorts of things planned until our car started to pull a little to the left. We stopped off at the next exit and checked the tire pressure and everything was fine. I called my dad to see if he could diagnose what could be wrong. He said it might be a bad belt in the tire, but we should be okay.

We hopped back on the interstate and everything was fine … for 30 miles. And then the car started to shake violently. Here we go. We pulled off at the next exit and I was furiously trying to Google car repair shops. I found one I thought would work and we headed over. Once we arrived, we found that it was busy (good sign!) and it was also happened to be a salvage yard. 

To get to the point, dad was right. It was a bad belt. Our right front tire had a huge hump in it. The repair shop had a used tire from their salvage yard that they replaced it with. It cost us about an hour and $40. Best $40 I’ve ever spent! 

Our nerves were shot by this point so we just cut our losses and headed straight to 4 Hands Brewery.


We ordered a sample of each of their beers … 


… and we chilled out. The husband was happy. I was happy. And our car was happy. 


The whole car experience could have been a whole lot worse and scarier and more expensive, but it wasn’t, and were are SOOO thankful for that! Also, if you are ever in the area for a Cardinal’s baseball game, definitely check out 4 Hands. Their beers are on the hoppy side (which Scott loooooves), but they also have food and the atmosphere is great. PLUS, the brewery is walking distance to the game.

The next item on our agenda was food. I had scouted out yet another burger joint because you can’t go wrong with a burger. After being in the car for about 5 hours, we decided to walk the 1.6 miles over to Baileys’ Range. Good thing we did because we inhaled their loaded fries, three scoops of their homemade ice cream and some ah-maze-ing burgers. We’re batting 1,000 on burger joints lately. This place also had an impressive selection of local beers.

11-Summer 2014

12-Summer 2014-001

It might be our new baseball tradition … 4 Hands Brewery + Baileys’ Range. 

Next we booked it over to Busch Stadium because Scott wanted to watch batting practice. It had been raining earlier in the day, but it had quit, so we thought BP would still be on. No dice.


We did manage to get there in time to snag a couple of these 1964 World Series beer steins that they were giving away.


Next, we headed on over to our seats … which we purchased back in March … for $30 a piece. It was a StubHub steal.




Definitely one of the longest, craziest, day-dates we’ve had, and we can certainly file this one in the adventure category. We’ve spoiled ourselves this year with Cards games and have one more slated for the year. Hopefully the next one will be a little less exciting in the travel department. 🙂 

So, that’s what’s up.

Oh, and I do have to admit that I have been bitten by the home improvement bug again. I have a work trip coming up, but after that, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Wood will be stripped, things will be painted, and tables might be built. Wild and crazy, ya’ll. Wild and crazay.

– Allie


2 thoughts on “We’ve been adventuring

  1. Yes, wild and crazy, but in a good way. 🙂 Good thing you are young and can endure all that. I think I will have to take a nap after reading this. 🙂 Thankful God was watching over you.

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