Back to your regularly scheduled programming …

Yikes. It’s almost been three weeks since my last post. Sorry about that! Thankfully, my travels for work are coming to a close for the season so I have a little more time on my hands. However, knowing that I have more time, I go and fill it up with all kinds of other things. Sheesh. What a vicious cycle!

I’ll forewarn you, this will be another one of those “brain-dump” posts. Scott and I use this blog … ha! wait a second … I use this blog as a sort of online journal (one day I will get Scott on here as a guest poster!). We like to look back on projects, what we did for an anniversary, or just remember where the “time” went. It helps us from falling into that “we never do anything” or “woe is us” trap. We can look back and realize how good we have it … because sometimes we are dumb and forget!

A fair amount has happened over the last few weeks and we are totally feeling the effects of so much going on. So, let’s get rollin’…


Remember the time we had a naming contest for this guy and then never told you the name that won? Yeah, neither do we since it’s been so long ago. The name we ultimately chose was not the one that received the most votes (sorry, Lucille!). It was actually a write-in. Since the survey was anonymous, we have no idea who submitted it, but whoever you are … you are awesome! So, the stone pelican shall henceforth be named Pelican Pete the Pirate’s Pal. The name has it all, and I love me some alliterations.



Scott and I were off early from work on July 3rd and decided to make a date day of it. So, we headed down to Nashville, Tennessee for some fun. We stopped in at Fat Bottom Brewery and were not disappointed! It’s one of those places that makes you feel right at home. We saddled up to the bar and ordered a sample flight to try out all their brews while having all sorts of fun conversations with other people. It was a nice start to the evening!

1-Phone Pics2
One really cool thing about this brewery is that they release a Small Batch of beer (about a half barrel) every Wednesday. Whatever they are feeling, I guess. So, we were pretty pumped when we found out that this week’s Small Batch was a bourbon stout! They brewed their Bertha Oatmeal Stout with some Elijah Craig bourbon …. not to be confused with Elijah Wood the actor, like our waitress initially said. 🙂 


Rock Bottom, Fat Bottom, we hit all the Bottom breweries that evening. Being July 4th weekend, we made reservations at Rock Bottom Brewery which sits right on Broadway in Downtown Nashville. Perfect location: rooftop deck, great food and awesome beers. Scott opted for their IPA while I am the biggest sucker for a chocolate/coffee whatever stout. 

1-Phone Pics3
Scott also made me carry around an empty growler in my purse through Downtown Nashville so that we could have it filled at Rock Bottom. For those of you that don’t know, a Growler is a glass half-gallon unit of beer. You can get these filled at local breweries since a lot of time they don’t bottle beer for you to take home. 

Anyway, we lingered a little long in the restaurant and were going to be late for a concert at the Ryman Auditorium that evening. So, Scott decided to take the growler and run back to the parking garage to put it in our car. It was pretty hilarious … and a huge workout with all those downtown Nashville hills! I waited close to the Ryman and thought Scott was taking a while to run back. Turns out he ran a block too far and missed the parking garage. Ha! Poor guy. 

1-Phone Pics4

A guy we work with has weekly tickets to the Bluegrass at the Ryman concert series. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, he was going to be out of town this past week and offered us his 6th row, next to the stage tickets for FREE! Holla! I’ll even dare say that this was one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Yonder Mountain String Band, Sam Bush, Allie Kral, and Jake Joliff started at 7:30 p.m. and JAMMED for three straight hours. No, break-it-down slow songs, no opening act, just pure bluegrass jamming. It was so awesome. We had sooo much fun! Plus it was at the Ryman. If you are ever in Nashville you should definitely check out who’s playing there. There is so much history and is a more intimate setting than a huge arena.

1-Phone Pics5

This past weekend was nuts. So nuts that my aunt had to send out an itinerary of everything that was going on so that no one got lost or left out. Very rarely are all 40+ of my dad’s side of the family all together, so this weekend was even more of a treat because we got to see everyone. We ended up getting family photos taken since the last time this happened was like nine years ago and we’ve added a few members to the family since then.


Some of the activities that happened this weekend included: a golf outing, a pool party and cookout, watching fireworks, an after-fireworks dessert party (!!), a group run, family photos, a birthday party and a baby shower and fish fry. We were bummed to miss out on the baby shower and my grandpa’s fish fry, but we did manage to make it home in time to see an amazing sunset and our town’s fireworks.


I decided a few weeks ago that I would try my hand at some advanced sewing. I hadn’t broke out my mom’s old sewing machine in a while and since I was itching to sew something, I decided to make a quilt for my cousin Megan’s baby shower this past weekend. I would show you photos, but I have some more sewing projects in the works for other preggos and I don’t want to give anything away! So, I’ll have to do an updated post here in a few weeks of what all went down. 🙂

1-Phone Pics6

Also, I’m obsessed with this sewing basket that my mom gave me when she bequeathed her sewing machine to me. I never thought someone could actually love a sewing machine basket, but I do, and I don’t care who knows it!

I don’t know what has been happening with the weather, but it can stay forever. The clouds have been gorgeous these past few weeks and any time I see a gorgeous sunset or rainbow or some funkiness in the sky before a storm I can’t help but smile. God is good!


I have been debating sharing this photo with you all, but I just couldn’t help myself. My cousin loves some Photoshop and you never know who will be his next victim. I guess Scott and I were next, because one evening we were sent the following photo:


Hahahahahahaha! It’s so bad it’s good. It makes me want to frame and hang this somewhere in the house. Because let’s be honest, this photo has it all: shark skis, mermaid wifey, chum bucket and a random otter.

So, that’s all the randomness of the past couple of weeks. We thought that July was going to be a chill month for us, but every weekend is full. Hopefully we can sneak some mini-projects in through the weeks. Or maybe I’ll just sew my brains out. Who knows!

That’s about it from our side of the street. Hope you had a great holiday!

– Allie



5 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled programming …

  1. I feel like a part of your fun, even though I’m not there. What amazing times you are having. I’m also pumped, because you are SEWING!!!! Ya! and making quilts!!!!!! I’ll have to take a Valium to control myself. 🙂 So, which of the beers did you like the best from the fat bottom brewery?

    • Our favorite Fat Bottom brew was Ida. It’s a Belgian-Style Golden Ale that was really good. It would make for a great summer patio-drinkin beer. 🙂 I’ll also text you a photo of the quilt!

    • I love to hear about all the fun things you guys do, don’t ever stop, this will keep you young.
      Grandpa & I were at the Ryman Auditorium last summer for his great niece’s wedding reception, a lot of history for sure.

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