Family Vacation

For the past three years, Scott’s side of the family has gotten together to go on vacation at Kentucky Lake. This is no easy task since we all live in different cities and sometimes there is only one weekend in the entire summer that all of us are free. Somehow the planets align each year for this vacation. Amazing.

These vacations have been filled with food, drinks, sunshine (knock on wood, we’ve never had a rain out!) and plenty of laughter … oh and a pontoon.


There she is. And we all know that every pontoon needs a handsome boat driver:


And every handsome boat driver needs a first mate:


Our nephew is at the age where silliness reigns. Good thing Aunt Allie has a Masters degree in being silly. We had so much fun with him. I even took the little munchkin out for a run/walk. We ended up going over 3.5 miles and he had a blast. We ran down by the sailboats and out on the pier. It was some good auntie time for sure!

Ok, so back to the pontoon. Let me just say that someone had to class the lake up a little bit. There were all these yachts and sailboats and there we were, in our 24 ft. pontoon right along with them. High society at its best!



The boys jumping off the pontoon is probably the highlight of being out of the water.



Every time I see this photo I want to sing Chris Brown’s “everybody put your hands in the air, sing yeah, yeah, yeah”. 🙂


Oh and our pontoon wouldn’t be complete without the husband’s pirate flag.


Here are some other good shots from the weekend:


Oh yeah, you can see from the photo above that we have another little member that is about to join our crew! Scott and I are going to be an aunt and uncle again! This time around it’s a little girl. 🙂 Can’t wait!


Here are some other good photos from the weekend:

{beautiful sunsets}
{silly faces with Aunt Allie at lunch}
{chillin with the uncles}

{first time down the big slide}

Oh and to top the vacation off, we had a quick visit from MY family, including my cousin’s 6-month old little girl. These two just melt my heart.


So, that has been our fun-filled past few days. Definitely a little tired, but hanging out with everyone was more than worth it. It really just makes me want to buy all the houses on our street and have all of our family move in. They would totally go for that right?

That’s it from our side of the street … or lake. Have you been able to take any vacations this year? Any pontoon adventures in your future?

– Allie


6 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Thanks for sharing your neat pictures. I got to hold little Rowyen (sp?) Sunday at your Grandpa’s house, she is really a sweet baby. We beat the birds to one of the cherry trees in your grandpa’s back yard, every body got their share of the cherries. Love you guys.

  2. It was so great to see you and Scott and all the fruits of your labors. Yes, it would be great if we all lived closer, but then we wouldn’t have as much to talk about when we got together. .? Thanks also for the gourmet meal. So thrilled we got to visit, even for a short time. You will have to share the instructions for the hook and ring game construction as Evie said she almost got it but needs to practice a little. 🙂

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