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Not much has been happening on the remodeling front lately. We would actually have to be home to do any of that! So, here is a rundown of shenanigans that we’ve gotten ourselves into as of late:



It’s no question that Scott loves to brew beer. He has it down to such a science that I’m not allowed to help anymore. I’ve lost track on which batch this is, but we are finding that as we enter into the hot and sweaty summer months we are craving cool, crisp, hoppy beers. As of this weekend, the newest batch of Gips Meisterbier is bottled and ready to consume. Cheers to that!


4-Phone Pics2

On a recent work trip, we stumbled upon a local brewery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. You definitely can’t beat a 5 hour long Happy Hour, and you especially can’t beat when a 23 oz pilsner of craft brew is $2.50!! It might as well been free. It was so great to hang out with Scott out on their balcony enjoying the cool weather. Scott was obsessed with this place, so we ended up going back the next night, too. 🙂


5-Phone Pics2-001

This latest work trip brought us to the Walmart Shareholders Meeting. It was interesting to say the least. Besides it being hot and humid, we got to meet an array of characters, including but not limited to: Sasquatch, Kyle Busch and Captain Crunch. I never thought I would use those three people in a sentence. Anywho, the beauty department of this outdoor expo was giving free manicures. You know I was all over that! Holla!



On a recent trip home, we were able to hang out with our nephew and have some pool time. He is at such a fun age and it melts my heart to have him gleefully yell “Aunt Allie!” and “Uncle Scott!” which sounds more like “An Ahhheee” and “Unca Scaaa”. He is sooo silly (and mischievous), but is such a little love bug too.

  • STORMS … and rain and more storms and rain and tornadoes …


I think ole Momma nature has her seasons mixed up. I feel like we went from Winter to Summer and now we’re at Spring. It’s weird. Scott took the above photo on a recent bike ride. He snapped the shot and pedaled his butt home. I can’t complain too much since the skies and clouds have been really epic these past couple weeks. A new favorite evening routine of ours has been to sit on our back porch with a glass of wine and watch the evening storm roll in.

HOWEVER, it can stop raining. For realz. Our backyard is a little saturated to say the least. These aren’t little rain bouts. These are deluges. I guess Scott got his wish for a pool in the backyard afterall! Oh … side rant … our city can come pick up our tree limb pile ANY DAY now. They are a month late. I wish we would have just burned it all.

1-Phone Pics2-003

We also had a little tornado scare the other night. The skies started to get dark and we thought it was just another rain system moving through … until our phones started going crazy with alerts. We hustled to get the bathroom ready and were able to sneak outside for 2.5 seconds and snap some photos of the wall cloud bearing down on us.


Some friends of ours who live in the country have some amazing photos of this system. This was also the first time we actually thought we might get hit by a tornado. Usually we will wait out the storm in the living room, but this was a little more serious this time. Thankfully we both can fit in the bathtub!

8-Phone Pics2-004

After the storm moved through, the sky was this crazy fluorescent orange color. It was crazy! The photos below have no “effects” on them.

6-Phone Pics2-002
Lovely. Just lovely. Going back to the rain thing. It really needs to stop. Our grass is begging to be mowed. We thought about mowing it wet until we saw our neighbor attempting just that. It was a clumpy mess. No thanks!



Nerd Alert: Scott and I have been binge-watching season 4 of GoT. Ahhhh! I’ve read the books and know what happens, but the show is still shocking and crazy! It’s definitely not for everyone, but Scott and I may or may not have watched 6 hours of this within the last two days. Judgment-free zone. This is what people without kids do. And we love it. This is also why my blogging has been lacking … and it takes amazing willpower to not sing the theme song ALL DAY … and possibly want a dragon for Christmas.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to. Over these next few weeks we are going to see a bunch of our families and are SOOO EXCITED! Can’t wait to spoil some kiddos, drink some brews, and hug on people we only get to see 1-2 times a year. 🙂

– Allie


2 thoughts on “{this and that}

  1. Such fun you two are having even if it has to be in the bathtub. We finally made it home Saturday and found out that Bellevue and surrounding area received 7.3 or so inches of rain over night. The toll bridge we cross to get into NE was very close to flood stage. It was amazing and I was thankful we live on a bit of a hill. We are supposed to get storms again tonight, so we are praying nothing as severe. I’ve seen the orange cloud thing too, and I’ve heard the scientific explanation, but can’t remember it. It’s about two things colliding. Still really cool looking.

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