Potted Plants and Pretty Pallets

Back when we bought our house, all I wanted to do was make it pretty. Which living in an apartment for four years with no real outdoor space, really makes a girl want to try out her green thumb. Our outside areas needed a little love and our own personal touch. My mom always had potted plants and hanging baskets around their wrap-around-porch and I loved them!

So, naturally I wanted to do something with our porch areas our first spring and summer in the house. Needless to say, I may have gone a little overboard. I had two hanging baskets, three potted plants, two window boxes under the porch and two other window boxes too. It was A LOT. One thing I failed to realize is that ALL of these plants were either under the porch or under the eaves of the house, so I had to water them every other day.

In the words of my Grampy: “stupid, stupid, stupid”. Not to mention we were gone a lot that summer and I had to call in favors from our neighbors and friends to help a girl out. These helpful people also may have been attacked by doves that had found that Begonias and Creeping Jenny’s made a perfect nest. Those poor people. I publicly apologize!!


So, last summer I took a stand and didn’t do anything. Not one single plant. It was also one of the hottest summers on record and we were doing our kitchen remodel. Ain’t nobody got time for plants!

So, this past fall I planted some gorgeous, humongous mums purchased from “The Mum Man” and loved looking out our back window.


Now that I think I’m a little wiser in planting, I decided to have a go at a mixed container pot for the two tall planters on our patio. They receive full sun and since they are out in the open, they get a drink any time it rains … obviously.

So, during a recent trip to our local organic nursery – Beans to Blossoms – I enlisted the help of one of their employees to put together a mixed container. Here is what we decided on:

Dracaena Spikes (in the middle)
Pretty Much Picasso Petunias
Diamond Frost Euphorbia
“Maurguerite” Sweet Potato Vine


The above photos are what they would look like if I fed them crazy amounts of fertilizer and watered them at 30 minute intervals. Instead I just have some regular top soil leftover from the mums with some Plant-Tone organic fertilizer mixed in.


So, here is what all the baby plants look like as of this weekend:



I’m really looking forward to seeing them take off! I especially love cascading plants, so the sweet potato vine and the Picasso Petunias better get to work! I’ll keep you updated with their progress.

Another project Scott and I decided to tackle this weekend (when we should have been doing laundry and cleaning the house) was to make some rustic signs out of a wooden shipping pallet.


It was a little tricky getting the boards off without splitting the wood, but once we got a system going, it turned out pretty good.

Scott pried off the boards while I sanded them.




*Don’t mind our mess of outdoor shoes filled with leaves and bugs. 

Next, Scott borrowed our neighbor’s miter saw and cut the pieces to a more manageable size.


Then, we pieced the boards together and secured them with two boards on the back using wood glue and some screws.


We are hoping to do some kind of painting technique and put our own spin on the way awesome print we found below:


…. because we all know how much Scott loves pirates. If you didn’t know … it’s a lot. Like waaaay more than any grown man should love pirates. But then again, it’s just one more reason why I love that man. He never ceases to make me smile.

Oh and last but not least, we have a new addition to our fake animal line-up:


This guy used to be Scott’s grandma’s. Just another little piece from home that makes us think of our families. Also, since we name everything in our house (my Kindle is named Jose Okindle … get it? … Third base coach for the Cardinals? … Jose Oquendo? 🙂 )

So, I thought I’d rope you all into our naming contest. All the multiple choice answers are from Scott. I asked him to give me four names and below is what he said … in that order. He is an interesting man.

Alright, that’s about it from our side of the street! Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie


3 thoughts on “Potted Plants and Pretty Pallets

    • Yikes, I was hoping no one noticed those. The backyard is even worse! We are planning on laying some landscaping fabric and new mulch this next week to take care of all those stinkin weeds. I’m fighting a losing battle!

  1. Roundup sprayed only on the leaves of the weeds is a great way to keep up with them and will not harm your plants. Also, the dracena was a great choice! We have one that is quite old. Keep the suckers trimmed off that grow from the bottom so you keep one nice, sleek stem. We take ours inside during freezes (which are not very frequent in Houston….until THIS past winter!). Love your other choices, too! The sweet potato is very tender and won’t stand up to any frost at all. Pretty, though!

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