New Life

I’m officially tired. We’ve been traveling a lot for work lately and thankfully we have finally reached the end of it for a little while. I can’t wait to hang out at our house, enjoy the company of our friends, have bonfires, go for a run (!!), mow our grass, walk to Dairy Queen for ice cream and anything else that involves mindless fun and the company of others. It’s long overdue.

However, I do appreciate these busy moments in our lives because I appreciate so much more what God has provided for us. After being gone from our friends while on the road, I cherish our time and conversations with them so much more. I’m thankful for our squishy bed and lazy mornings with Scott. I’m thankful for our weed-filled yard that needs to be mowed.

I’m especially thankful for the gorgeousness of spring and new life. This week the trees in our neighborhood had really started to strut their stuff and are full of bright green leaves and pops of color. I’m completely obsessed with our redbud tree in the backyard. I could lay underneath it all day.




I forget during the winter what is hiding in each of those trees! I love looking outside and seeing everything blooming and coming out of its shell. Poor Scott has miserable allergies so he admires all of this from the safety of the house. πŸ™‚

One plant I was particularly interested in seeing come back is the bush that we hacked in half in front of the house. It started to eat the other bushes and although we tried to maintain it, we didn’t realize how much it grew since we moved in. I took the sawzall and destroyed it. All that was left was a bunch of sticks. I got a little scared that I might have killed it, but it’s doing just fine!


We also started our garden. The weather has been really cold and weird this year and we had a freeze the other night. We had planted some romaine lettuce and spinach a couple weeks ago, so they got tucked in with a blanket so they could be warm and toasty that night. Thankfully they survived and are doing well!


We have some black mesh down to keep weeds at bay. We aren’t growing anything besides carrots from seeds, and I don’t know if this is how you are “supposed” to do it, but it seems to be working for us. This year we are mixing up our gardening and will be trying our hand at Square-Foot Gardening. I learned of this idea from a friend of ours whose sister had a smashing success with it.

The whole idea is that you don’t need a football field to grow veggies for a family. If you have really good composted soil, you can cram more veggies together which also chokes out any weeds. I don’t know how true all of the weed-choking is, so that’s why we have the black mesh down.

Here is a guideline of our planting:

Scott & Allie's Square Foot Garden

The orange circles around the perimeter are marigolds. I also realized that our garden is TWICE the size of this template. It’s actually a 12′ x 4′ garden. So, we decided to just double every square.

The light green perimeter boxes are the plants that usually harvest the earliest, while the interior darker green ones tend to harvest in the summer. We still need to plant our carrots (they are from seeds) and also the onions. We currently have bulbs for red, white and yellow onions.

We purchased all our veggies and seeds at a local organic nursery called Beans to Blossoms. They are wonderfully helpful people! We bought all our veggie plants there last year and were not disappointed. At the beginning of May once the cooler temperatures are hopefully gone, we will plant the rest of our garden and the marigolds. I can’t wait!

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a photo of our bonsai-esque tree in the front yard. It’s really big this year despite us trimming it drastically last year and is sporting some deep purple-ish, red leaves.


Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday. We will be celebrating with our families this weekend and I can’t wait to squeeze our nephew and get some long hugs from my mom and sister. We’ve missed everyone a lot!

– Allie


7 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Thanks for sharing your update. Your plants and flowers are a little ahead of ours, I love your idea of your garden plot, you are so organized.
    Grandpa bought some more plants and onion sets today, he has some veggies starting to show growth, we are really looking forward to our asparagus. We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday Eve, Grandpa has fresh fish, supper is at 6:00pm. see you then.

  2. I love your garden plot ! It is so cute. I can’t wait to settle down at some point and plant myself a garden! Nothing like eating food you made 100% yourself! πŸ˜€ Enjoy being home!
    -Whitney C. (Murray State)

  3. I love your up date and it is so exciting, especially since we are definitely a month behind you. Your Japanese Maple is beautiful. I love the finely cut leaves of that variety. I agree that it is such fun to watch everything unfurl and start to grow. You guys are so organized. Carrots are interesting to grow. Up here I’ve had more success growing the Nantes or stubbier varieties and I usually start mine in July as they love the cooler weather (as they get closer to maturity) and are sweeter when it is cool. In the fall I cover (or mulch) and it can freeze and as long as the ground doesn’t freeze, I can harvest the sweetest carrots. Evie had her own plot a year ago and I let her plant however and whatever she wanted. The carrots were really close, so she had to do a lot of thinning. She would pull them when they were smaller than her little finger – brush off the dirt and eat them right there. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Easter. Hope to see you this summer.

    • Thanks! Hopefully all the veggies turn out this year. We’re pretty excited! I’ve also heard of people doing small container gardens in medium-sized pots who lack some veggie real estate. It’s better than nothing. πŸ™‚

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