DIY Canvas Wall Art


Scott was gone on a work trip a week ago while I stayed behind. I’m not much of a TV watcher when I’m by myself, but I will knock out some projects.

We don’t have many big projects left to do around the house, but the living room walls and molding needed to be painted. So I painted it. This is a story for another post, but it looks SO much better. I actually want to be in this room now.

The other major thing that needed updating in this room were the three canvases that we had DIY’d last year. It was a good idea in theory, but I never really fell in love with them. They just looked really amateur-ish and there was just too much going on. See for yourself:


I didn’t want to get rid of the canvases since we had finally found “art” that would fit our huge wall. We bought the canvases at Hobby Lobby on sale for a total of like $40. The “frames” are actually lattice that we stained and stapled to the back of the canvas.

Anyway, since Scott was gone and I was in a painting frenzy, I thought it was the perfect time to update these puppies … especially since we also bought new pillow cases. I came across this blog post by Katie Bower about her “Dumpster Texture Art” and I immediately fell in love with it. It would be a cheap update that looked a lot more expensive than it actually was. Plus I wanted a texture on that wall, rather than just a flat painting.

First, I went out and bought a bucket of Joint Compound from Lowes for $5 and retrieved my trowels from out in the shed.

1-DIY Wall Art2 4-7-2014 6-33-37 PM

I figured that I would use the square-toothed trowel for the larger canvas and the razor-toothed comb for the two smaller ones.

Next I started spreading the joint compound all over the canvas as evenly as possible. It’s a messy step!





Then, I grabbed the trowel and went to work. The beauty of this project is that it shouldn’t be perfect or even. I tried to keep the lines pretty straight, but liked how the joint compound would grab and make different textures in different spots.



Once I was happy with the texture, I let it dry for 2 days. Once the canvases were dry, I popped off any globs of joint compound on the edges and took a broom and brushed off any chunks that may have gotten into the paint.

For the paint, I had a test pot and knew that I wanted the canvases to be white and navy. So, once the canvases were dry, I painted them all in Eider White, by Sherwin-Williams.


Once they were dry (a couple hours … or less if you are an impatient painter and used a blow dryer!), I measured out where I wanted the stripe to be and marked an imperfect pencil line across the canvas.

I had a quart of exterior navy paint (Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams) that worked perfectly with our new pillows. It’s also supposed to be the color of our back door when it gets a little warmer to paint outside. I took a chip brush and just painted away. I didn’t want a perfectly straight line across the canvas and liked how the chip brush created an almost frayed edge.

1-DIY Wall Art3 4-7-2014 6-34-49 PM

Once that was dry (with help from the hair dryer) I stapled the “frames” back on and they were ready to be hung up on our freshly painted walls. I am IN LOVE with the way they turned out!


It fits the room perfectly and really makes it all come together. Here is a before and after so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top:

1-DIY Wall Art 4-7-2014 6-30-43 PM

In love, ya’ll. I love the price even more. All told, the update cost us $5 because we just had to buy the joint compound, we had everything else on hand. If you were to create this from scratch I would say it might break down like this:

Canvases = $40 (depending what you got, but this is how much we spent)
Paint = $6 (this is if you get two test pots from Lowes)
Joint Compound = $5
Trowel = $6
Lattice = $5
Total = $62

Not too bad!

Ok, I’m going to leave you guys with a couple photos of our gorgeous trees that are blooming right now. I love this time of year when they bloom! I think they are called ornamental imperial pear trees. Not sure, but we love them!


I especially love when we pull in our driveway and see them peeking up from behind the house. 🙂 They are all like, “Hey! We be chillin’ back here.”


I can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos of our living room. We just have to hang a new curtain rod and paint the molding around the front door. Eeek! I’m so excited!

– Allie


7 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Wall Art

  1. You are so fun! And those hands remind me of AMY – you guys must be related or something. It all looks so fresh and clean. Wish I had your energy. I’m so excited that we will be coming down to see all this georgousness this summer. Just need to nail the dates down. Can you tell I’m hyperventilating???

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