The best game EVER!

Remember back when we took a work trip/mini-vacation to Florida? One thing that I didn’t mention in that post is ALL the time we spent at the Tiki Bar. It is basically the only place to eat in the town we stayed, but it’s within walking distance to our hotel, features live music and most importantly … the infamous ring game.

It’s soooo addicting ya’ll. I think the official name of the game is “The Bimini Ring Game”. It’s such a simple idea just like cornhole or horseshoes or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. And simple games are truly the best games right?!

Ever since this trip, Scott has been scheming to install this on our back porch. However, since February and March were pretty cold and nasty, we didn’t feel like spending much time outside … until a couple weeks ago. Scott had taken the day off and made a trip to Lowe’s for all the supplies. The grand total for supplies for 2 sets of this game came to $10. Ten dollars!!! So, naturally, I want to share how to make this game with you all.


The whole concept of the game is to swing a ring attached to a rope to a hook about 8-10 feet away. At the Tiki Bar they have two of these games set up right next to each other so it makes it more like a competition. And boy does this girl love her some competition. Here is Scott in action in Florida:

1-Ring Game

Scott wanted to have two sets of this game at the house, but we decided on installing one for right now, but he went ahead and bought enough supplies for two. Here is what you’ll need:


Here is the breakdown of the supplies we bought:
2 – 1.5″ O-rings ($2.94 ea)
1 – Package of 2, 1 5/8″ screw eyes ($0.77)
2 – Steel Screw Hooks ($1.36 ea)
22 – Feet of 3/16″ Braided Nylon Rope ($0.22/ft)
Total: $9.47


First, Scott cut the rope in half and attached one end to the O-ring.


Next, he twisted the Steel Hook into one of our wood beams (about 5 feet from the ground) and hooked the O-ring on it.


Then he twisted the screw eye into the ceiling about 5 feet from the hook and adjusted the rope to make sure that it wasn’t too long or short and would just clear  the hook when it swung.



And that’s it! Then it was time to try it out … again and again and again … until he made the ring onto the hook.


So simple, but some hilarious fun.

Have you ever played this game before or is it just a “small town in South Florida” thing? We have really been enjoying the game a lot lately now that it has warmed up, a batch of home brew is ready and we’ve been grilling as much as possible. Anything to be outside.

That’s it from our side of the street. Hope you all are having a great week!

– Allie


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