I love when people come to our house and cook for us

Supposedly there is this social requirement that if you invite people over to your house to stay the night, you have to cook for them. I mean … come on. You are opening your house to them for a free place to stay! The least they could do is cook meals for themselves … and well, you too. Right? Right?!

Well, that’s exactly what we told my mom, dad and sister when they wanted to come stay with us a couple weekends ago. Cook to earn your keep, people!

Just keeeding! I would never say that to anyone wanting to stay at our house! It’s actually the opposite. I demand that I cook for them even if they would like to eat out. I’m like a cooking dictator.

Here’s the real deal. My family is the bomb. My mom called me up and asked if they could come spend the weekend with us and do any house projects they needed us to do. She also sent me an itinerary of meals she and my sister would cook. They are so selfless and wonderful. I love them.

We had some awesome, healthy meals that makes me salivate just thinking about it again. It makes me think that if we ever moved back to where we grew up, we could have once-a-week dinners with the family. Pretty enticing.

Since we didn’t really have any house projects that we needed help with, my crazy energetic father took over the outside of our house again. He cracks me up! He started trimming our monkey grass. It took him a whole 10 minutes … he was like the Tasmanian devil out there. All you saw was a cyclone of grass flying around, so naturally I didn’t get a photo of that. But here it is all trimmed up:

It looks pretty crappy right now. Like a really bad hair cut, but it will grow like crazy in the next couple weeks. Scott followed behind with the lawn mower to grind it all up. We ended up bagging it because there was so much of it. You can see the mounds below:

Next, we needed our garden tilled up to prepare it for planting here in a couple weeks, or at least when winter decides to go away.

After all this we wandered around the yard and picked up dead sticks and limbs. We noticed that there was a branch on our backyard neighbor’s shed roof. Dad climbed on up there, took it down and cut it into pieces for when our limb pick-up comes by next month.

We also noticed that the neighbor next to our backyard neighbor also had a huge limb down in her yard. So, we cut that up too and raked her yard. Then, we came back over to our backyard neighbor’s and raked her yard. These neighbors are both older women and were almost in tears because they were going to have to call a tree-trimming company to take care of these huge tree limbs. Good ole Daddy. πŸ™‚ He is such a selfless, hardworking man. I swear he would have gone house to house for the rest of the day doing this!

After dad’s lumber service came to an end, we decided to take care of the ivy that was taking over our trees and yard. I don’t have a before picture, but it was getting out of control. Dad ripped it all up and tilled the ground for us. Here is our dirt mounds now:

We have exciting plans for this area, including some bright, shade-loving perennials and some brick landscaping. We also plan to shrink the footprint that the ivy left and plant some grass, fix low spots, etc.

Oh and if you look towards the back of that photo you can see how many tree limbs we managed to pick up. It filled up a whole tarp!

We were sad to see my family go, but it just makes the times that they do come down that much sweeter.

We finished up the weekend with some homebrew bottling…

… and also spring-ifying the front door with a tulip wreath I made last year:

Can’t wait until it actually feels like spring! Is there such a thing as a “no more snow” dance? I just want to play outside. πŸ™‚

Is there anything you are doing to get ready for spring? Cleaning? Brewing a crisp hefeweizen? Nothing? I won’t judge!

Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “I love when people come to our house and cook for us

  1. You guys have so much fun. Evie and I picked up limbs and twigs a couple days ago, but it has been soooooo windy today that I fear there will be more. Never fear as my chipper is ready to go. Our water softener died earlier this month and not to be outdone, our water heater wants our attention. Out with the old and in with the new minus a few coins. :-). Can’t wait to come down to see you this summer.

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