Closet Case

Let me tell you a tale of the poor neglected closet in our music room. This poor guy is shown no love and is thrown evil stares any time I am in the room, for I know what lies behind those bi-fold closet doors. Mayhem. And junk. And old stamps and spiders and lots and LOTS of burlap (I have a problem).

I am going to share a photo of this with you and you cannot judge me. Or Scott. And if you have to scroll quickly to avert your eyes, I won’t judge you either. Judgement free zone here, people.

Pretty bad. Did you see the burlap dangling from the shelf (or the random RC car)?! I told you it was everywhere! I mentioned before that Scott and I had been cleaning out the closet. We also acquired this shelving unit that my aunt and uncle had given us:

Mathematically it fit in the closet, but realistically it didn’t. When measuring, I forgot the whole, it has to fit through the opening of the closet, thing. There was no way it was going to make it in there. So we made the decision to cut off the right side of the unit.

Sorry, Aunt Martha! We salvaged the shelves we cut off to be used down the road if we ever want to add more shelves back in. Then, we brought it in the house and painted it with a couple coats of Ben Moore Advance Satin in their stock white color.

In between coats on the shelving unit, I was painting our gas station-like closet. It looked a lot better once it was cleaned out, but there were still a million marks on the walls.

I painted it green since that’s the paint that we had leftover and we thought it would be fun to have a pop of color in there. Here’s a “half-way through” shot. I painted the top half green too … and also the ceiling because it needed a coat of paint and I didn’t feel like cleaning out another roller just to have the ceiling white. Yes, I’m lazy.

Once all the paint had dried and the nasty yellow moulding had a clean white coat of paint on it, it was time to get everything back in the closet. We shimmied the shelving unit into the closet without gashing a hole in the walls or smashing any fingers, but I can’t say the same for any husband toes.

Then it was time to get organizing. Surprisingly, this didn’t take long at all. Since we had a lot more space for everything, it was easy to find a spot so that everything could fit. We even found that we had extra (!!) space that I could empty out an old nightstand that held all my paints and other random craft schtuff. It was so cathartic. Beware all other closets in the house … especially you dining room closet!

Anyways, here it is all gussied up and organized:

All of Scott’s music fits, my wrapping paper, TONS of fabric remnants and yes … all my flowers and yarn. My favorite part about this is the top of the unit that is not visible to the eye but holds all that stuff that I don’t want to see … like all of Scott’s scuba stuff.

1-Living & Music Room
And here is the before and after:

1-Living & Music Room1
It’s incredibly nice to be able to find everything without having an avalanche of pine cones, burlap, and fake butterfly wings come hurtling down at you. Incredibly nice.

I have so much more cool stuff to share with you that we have going on at the house right now, but you’re gonna have to wait  …. because I haven’t started my book from book club yet and we are meeting next week. I’m slacking and you will have to hang in suspense. Oh and Scott literally just hit his head on the washing machine (how does one do that?!) and I need to tend to his wounds (i.e. the enormous knot growing on his forehead).

Have a nice night!



4 thoughts on “Closet Case

  1. Allie and Scott, you guys are so inspirational!!! What great ideas! I love the green on the walls!! You’re posting all this on Pinterest, right? I’m not currently a Pinterest person because I don’t have time, but if I were…THIS is the kind of stuff I’d want to see!

    • I usually post a photo or two on there, but haven’t had a chance with this one yet. And if you’re not on Pinterest you should stay away … it will consume your life!!! 🙂

      • Yeah, and I have no life left to give! Bahaha! No…I’m not joining the Pinterest group until I am at least semi-retired. But I certainly enjoy your blogs! I’m so impressed by y’all’s ingenuity, resourcefulness and energy! Go, Scallie!!!!

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