Adult Snow Day

Many of you probably have had your fair taste of winter weather this year. Yes, the cold gets old. Yes, driving in sleet and ice is terrible. However, sometimes your office calls and tells you not to come into work … and it is GLORIOUS … every. single. time. This is when I love winter. This doesn’t happen in the summer, for obvious reasons of course.

We received some pretty crazy weather last night. It started off with freezing rain which the weather people predicted to cause “wide-spread destruction!!!!”. Well, they were a little off and the freezing rain turned over to sleet (and lots of it) and then to this powdery white snow. All told we probably received about 5-6 inches of precipitation, which is actually a lot for where we live.

The roads by our house hadn’t even been touched by a snow plow, let alone any other vehicle. It was quite beautiful. The snow was still coming down pretty heavy when we woke up and we couldn’t resist to camp out in our jammies with a thick blanket and piping cup of coffee and just watch the snow. I could have done that all day.

Scott and I have lived in the South for about eight-ish years and we haven’t seen snow like this. Unfortunately for us, all our sleds and snow gear are up at my parent’s house, because let’s be real … snow never happens down here … in March.

After some texting with some of our good friends who were also off work, we decided to get together to play in the snow; because, again, this NEVER happens down here (okay that’s the last time I’ll say that).

One of my best friends lives a couple blocks away and has a decent hill by her house. She was totally up to layering on some clothes and snagging a couple Rubbermaid lids off some plastic tubs to test this hill out. So, Scott put on his snow-scraping face and we headed over.

Don’t mess with the husband. He’s pretty tough.

To cut to the chase, Rubbermaid lids are TERRIBLE for sledding. It was pretty sad. We ended up calling around to a couple local hardware stores and found one that had sleds. My inner child was fist pumping like crazy. Real sleds are worth the investment. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT waste your precious sledding time using Rubbermaid lids.

After we left the hardware store with our bright orange and blue sleds we headed over to the best hill in our town. It’s on the campus of the university and is usually covered in college kids. However, it was like 10:00 a.m. and that might as well be 6:00 a.m. to that crowd. Needless to say, it was empty. It was fresh, untouched snow. I didn’t think this snow day could get any better, and then it did.

I was the first one down the hill.

You can’t really tell, but this is actually pretty steep. You gain some pretty substantial speed sledding down this hill and it’s riddled with bumps and steel grates that will not hesitate to throw you off your sled. It’s perfect.

Perfect until your husband decides that he wants to ride down with you. “Okay husband! Sure!” Then you hit said bumps and get thrown from the sled and land hard on your butt and lay face-down in the snow with your pride incredibly bruised … and your butt. I would show you a photo of the butt bruise (it’s got all the colors right now), but this isn’t that kind of blog. 🙂

1-Winter in March1
Thankfully our other friends joined up with us and we took a break from the big hill. We headed back to our friend’s house and took to her bunny slope hill.

We even got their Weimaraner to go down with Scott. Hahaha!

We eventually made it back over to the “big hill” for more butt-bruising fun. I think we were sledding for about three to four hours! We laughed so hard from all the wipeouts and crashes that the mascara ran down our faces and we scared the men and babies. It was a perfect snow day and we are thankful for good friends to share it with.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling the roads will be cleared tomorrow and it will be real life back at the office. Then again, this is the South and it might just snow next week, who knows.

That’s about it from our snowy side of the street. I hope you were able to pack in a sledding day this year!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Adult Snow Day

  1. Oh man, what fun you had. You also could have had your parent’s quads and things to drag behind. Darn. Your parents have had more snow than we have had. We just had the cold weather and then when it did snow a little it was too cold to be outside for very long. Not that I go sledding much anymore. Hehehehe

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