We’ve been painting again…

Ahhhh painting. It’s like a disease that spreads through our house. Just when I think I’ve painted as much as I can muster and my hand is a permanent claw from holding a brush or roller, my brain kicks into high gear and introduces me to new projects.

New projects = two words that Scott despises. 🙂  So, how did this all start? A few weeks ago my aunt sent an e-mail asking if anyone wanted their old shelving unit that my uncle built. After some measuring and nervous, giddy laughing, I e-mailed back saying that we would take it! So, when we were home a couple weekends ago, we stopped by to pick it up. Below is a photo I shared of my Dad and Scott loading it into our truck.


So, this thing has been sitting outside for a week. I swear our neighbors roll their eyes as they see all this junk outside our house that are actually potential projects waiting for the weather to warm up. We honestly would have let it chill outside for a long time (months maybe), until I decided to file some documents and get some tax stuff in order. Four hours later and our house covered in small stacks of papers, Scott had a breakdown … I like to call these clutter anxiety attacks.

I’ve learned to stifle these attacks (for myself at least) after going through the early demo stages of the kitchen remodel where everything was covered in who knows what. Since our music/craft/futureguestbedroomwhenwehaveababy room has been deemed the dumping grounds for a while, my eyes have grown accustomed to glazing over when in that room. It’s like my mind goes to a different place. “This room isn’t messy! I know where everything is!” … as I trip over random objects.

So when I got through all my filing, I decided that the moment had come. It was time to start cleaning up this room … and also for Scott’s safety … I think he was starting to have nervous tics when in close proximity to the music room. So, I cleaned out the closet. Which led to even more crap being piled up in the room.

The closet needed to be painted because it looked like a gas station bathroom. Scary! We didn’t have any plain white paint on hand, but we had TONS of the green paint we had leftovers of from our guest bedroom update. The color is “Hearts of Palm” by Sherwin-Williams (#6415). Here is the guest bedroom:


So I went ahead and got my paint pants on and went to town. I still need to paint the antique white trim around the closet before we bring in the behemoth shelving unit which also got a little refresh.

Before we get to all that, I would like to share our vision with this room. 🙂 Right now it looks worse than this photo taken a couple years ago:


Yikes. I know. And it’s WORSE than this, people! Envision piles of craft supplies, random tables and dressers, a piano. I’m embarrassed. And that’s why we are fixing this place up!

Here are the colors we want to roll with:

New folder4

Hearts of Palm will only be featured in the closet. The main paint color will be Sea Salt (SW #6204) and I’m thinking about doing a striped accent wall where the guitars are with the stripe being Eider White (SW #7014). Kinda like what Lucy and Company did here:

Blue Striped Wall

To give you a VERY rudimentary idea of what we are thinking, I drew you a picture. 🙂 Please do not judge my drawing skills. I was not an art person.

For the wall with the window, we have our large, square high-top table:


We are going to put this table in the corner and build these rustic, Restoration Hardware shelves over it, kinda like what Kristy Dickerson did below:

Restoration Hardware Shelves

I also want to make some curtains and liven it up with some greenery. So, here is my sketch:


When I first showed this drawing to Scott he asked why there was a butt on our window. Thanks, husband. Thanks a lot.

This also means that the piano will need to be shifted to the wall where our desk is currently.


The wall with the guitars will stay the way it is, just with some added stripes and maybe some track lighting to accent them more.

I know this is all a bit of a brain dump, but I just wanted to let you know what we were up to. I’m hoping to get my organization on this weekend and get our closet in working order again. I may ask Scott to help me. I’ll just sedate him with rum drinks and play Jimmy Buffet music in the background. Maybe he’ll think he’s at the beach with the Sea Salt walls and the Hearts of Palm closet.

Wishful thinking.

Anyway, that’s it from our side of the street. Cheers to jumping back into projects again!

– Allie


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