Fun in the Sun

While most of the States have been covered in snow and ice, Scott and I have been lounging on the beach getting our tan on. Yes, you can hate us if you want, but nothing will make me feel bad about this awesome tan I’m rocking. This poor white girl needs all the help she can get!

Scott and I had to travel for work down in Florida, so we decided to take a few vacation days and head down three days early for a little downtime before we had to get to work. I lounged on the beach while Scott went scuba diving right off the shore.

A favorite shore diving location has been Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. They have a shipwreck snorkel trail where they have sunk cannons and anchors. There is also a pretty legitimate coral reef. Scott loved diving here last year and wanted to come back again. He brought all of his own gear, tank, and homemade “diver down” flag made of PVC and pool noodles. Sounds hilarious, but it worked extremely well!

Scott got suited up on the beach, gave me smooch and he was off. The first day there was another diver that needed a buddy, so Scott dove with him. The next day he stayed pretty close to the shoreline and got all kinds of cool photos and TONS of video.

I on the other hand soaked up some sun, read my book, slept, and best of all … people watched. OMG, I could do that all day. When I retire, I think “people watching” could be one of my hobbies. I think I only read a few pages in my book because I couldn’t stop watching everyone. It was like crack … or at least as addictive as I believe crack to be.

Oh, and I also played a very rousing game of keep-my-food-away from the seagulls. And you better believe I was saying “Mine! Mine!” using the seagull voice from Finding Nemo. Don’t judge.

Anyway, that is not what I’m going to talk about this whole time! No, no, no. I want to show you all of Scott’s amazing underwater photos. We have an underwater housing for our regular camera. He took this apparatus on a few test runs up at the local pool to make sure everything worked smoothly (wanna see that post? go here). Here is what his set-up looks like:

It actually works incredibly well. No leaks, not a drop. Anywho, here are some of our favorites from his two shore dives:

We believe this little guy below is a nudibranch. Yes. That’s a real thing!

See if you can find someone hiding below:

Little guy is just chilling. Haha! Below are some photos taken at the snorkel trail cannons and anchor.

Scott also got to see a ton of cool marine life including a manatee, sting ray, turtle, sea snake, eel, and an octopus!

1-Picture 1.png
While the octopus was swimming it was black, but as it saw Scott, it retreated to the closest coral reef and changed colors so that it would blend in. Waaaayy awesome!

In the evenings we thoroughly enjoyed checking out local restaurants and breweries and perhaps even an evening dip in the pool. Livin’ large! Haha!

Below is a view from our condo balcony right before sunset:

And probably my favorite part of this whole trip was the chance to finally go to IKEA!!! The closest Ikea to our house is 6 hours away, so when I found out that there was one 5 miles from our condo, I almost peed myself.

Yes, I am that nerd who gets her photo taken out in front. But ya’ll don’t even KNOW how excited I was about this. Thankfully, Scott being the dutiful husband that he is, took it all in stride and shopped along with me, and when my eyes glazed over from the overwhelming amount of home goods, he gave me a light shake back to reality. Thanks, husband. 🙂

I only came away with a few items, but I was one happy lady!

Oh yes … that is a pirate pillow that I am holding. I guess Scott did sneak something in there for himself while I was off petting all the rugs in the next section. I’ll let it slide this time, Husband!

So, that was our little three-day vacation. My only dilemma now is that I have a nice tan, but it’s so cold that I have to cover it up, and when it finally warms up around here, my tan will be gone. Awww, shucks! I guess that’s the only downside of Florida in January.

It was a wonderful couple of days and we are so thankful that we were able to get away. Hopefully we can make this a yearly thing. We’ll see!

Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie



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