Throwback Thursday | Thrifted Dresser made into Entertainment Center

Hi ya’ll! Today I thought I’d share a throwback project from a couple of years ago … our entertainment center made from a thrifted old green dresser.

When Scott and I first moved in together we didn’t have much. We were fresh out of college, on our own and didn’t have any money for home improvement projects. Once we were married and started to accumulate nicer things, we realized that our entertainment center … or lack thereof … was in need of an upgrade.

Scott was home from work one morning and decided to head over to our local consignment mecca: Peddler’s Mall. There’s a lot of junk in there, but there are some cool pieces if you look hard enough. Scott texted me a photo of the green 1960’s dresser and said I should head over and check it out once I was off work.

Well, in the photo I thought that thing was hideous! But once we started to bounce around ideas, we decided that we really liked it. Especially the hardware. This dresser (and attached mirror) were priced at $65. I thought it was a little high, so I called the seller and talked him down to $45! Deal! We brought this baby home and started to work our magic.

1-Entertainment Center Project
The dresser was pretty dirty and needed a little love. First we disassembled the sides and back of the dresser so we could put a shelf where the middle set of drawers were. We didn’t have anything in the way of tools so we packed everything up and headed to my parents house for the weekend to get this project rolling.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the blurry photos. This was when we still had a cheap-o camera and focusing wasn’t our strong suit!

Once at my parent’s, we cut and fitted a piece of MDF into the space where the middle drawers used to be. Scott used wood filler to fill the gaps/seams and then we sanded our brains out to get everything smooth before the primer coat of paint.


While Scott was working on wood puttying and sanding, I was busy priming all the drawers (insides too) and the panels that we had removed.

We even had a little supervision from my Grandpa.

We didn’t like the straight look of the top edge around the dresser and wanted to fancy it up a little bit. So, we took some door casings and nailed them around the top of the dresser.

As you can see, the door casings around the top created a little lip. This was on purpose because we wanted to lay mosaic tiles on the top so that it was more durable than just a painted surface. Before we got back home, my dad cut some holes into the back panel of the dresser so that all our electrical cords could fit through.

Over the next few days we painted two coats of Sherwin-Williams oil-based Pro-Classic in their stock white color on all the drawers and exterior frame of the dresser. Definitely a big change!

Once all this paint had dried and cured, we started laying the mosaic tiles on the top.

We purchased a small bucket of mastic that also doubled as grout. We started to trowel it out and in about 30 minutes we were finished and had to let it dry.

Once all the tiles were set and dried, we were able to grout and seal the top. In the mean time, we spray painted all the original hardware in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Once everything was cured and dried, we pieced it all back together.

You can barely tell that we put a board in there. And here is the before and after:

1-Entertainment Center Project1
HUGE difference! I didn’t take a photo of what the piece looks like in our house now, but here is what it looked like in our apartment at the time:

This project was completed back in 2011 and I can say that over the last three years, it has held up incredibly well. It survived a move without once scratch. We are thinking of upgrading again by possibly adding some little wooden legs, but we’ll see. It’s absolutely perfect for our needs and if we decide that we don’t like it down the road, it is very versatile and can blend into any room.

What do you think? Wooden legs on this baby or leave it be?

That’s about it from our side of the street. We are starting to get some ideas rolling for our living room, so I’ll share those with you as we nail some colors and fabrics down. Thanks for stopping in!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Thrifted Dresser made into Entertainment Center

    • We don’t need the TV higher, but it would just be to add more character to the piece & make moving it around easier. Not necessary, but just an idea. And I forgot about your mosaic tile! But I love the way your kitchen is. 🙂

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