This week has proven to be uneventful and I LOVE IT! Our jobs amp up seasonally and we are about to start up again. So, we are embracing all our down time at the house vegging out, hanging out with friends, watching too many movies, and overall enjoying a slower pace.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some things with you that have been going on with us this week.

With reading various blogs and articles, I’ve come across a lot of people’s 2014 resolutions. One that I mentioned a couple weeks ago was writing down a “Best of My Day” item each and every day for a whole year in order to instill more gratitude in my heart. Well, Scott and I have been doing this before we turn out the lights each night and it definitely ends the day on a positive note!


It’s hard to be bitter or angry when you have to think through your day to find something good or positive. Inevitably it always makes me smile and I forget about the petty argument or bad mood I was in and focus on the positive. Because it’s always a choice, right?

Also, in reading I’ve noticed that a lot of people choose their “word of the year”. Some word to define their year in order to improve their lives. It supposed to provide a spark in your life to think, “oh yeah!”. Example words might be: intentional, healthy, loving, etc. I could think of a slew of words that I could concentrate on over this next year, but then I came across this post by The Nesting Place where she talks about her “un-word” of the year.

An “un-word” is described as “a word that you are rejecting for the new year. You would like to Un-Do it.” I really liked this idea and after reading yet another article (here), I have decided that my un-word is: UN-BUSY. I have found that I use “busy” to describe a lot in our life. “Oh, sorry I haven’t called you, I’ve been soooo busy …. sorry, can’t make it tonight, we are busy” … etc. It was a cop-out. Excuses to actually interact with others.

My favorite section from that article is this:

“Our busyness somehow validated us in the minds of our peers. So we thought.  When we stopped using the word, we were free to be happy with our efforts for the day – and free to let others be comfortable with their own accomplishments.

‘The devil made me do it’ was a well-worn phrase when I was a kid.  Perhaps ‘busy’ is its new iteration.  An unintended consequence of our banishment of all things busy was that we stopped justifying our poor behaviors & choices.  As we practiced choosing better words to describe our circumstances, we noticed a steady decline in the blame game. It included saying things like “we choose to take on too much…our bad.”

And most importantly, when we quit using the word BUSY, we noticed that others did the same.”

I’m happy to say that from not using that word over the last couple of weeks I have seen a change in my attitude. It’s refreshing to say the least. So although work and life may get crazy, I will try to remain “un-busy” and more intentional with my conversations and relationships.

Whew! Now that that’s off my chest. Onto more exciting things … like a recently found photo of my Great Grandma when she was a little girl. Random, I know. But, no one had ever really seen a photo of this woman when she was young. She lived past the age of 100 and was a small, white-haired, wiry little woman. And that’s all I had ever known her as. Until this sweet, gorgeous, photo of her from 1904 surfaced:


Beautiful, no? I love these little glimpses into the past generations of my family.

And finally, Scott and I have decided to take on yet another challenge. This one is just a simple 30 day strength building one and boy has it kicked my butt!!! So much so, that I can hardly walk. We are on Day 5 of the challenge and I’m already hurting.


And here is a photo of Scott and I after we completed Day 3 along with a 3.5 mile run. We were delirious! I have no idea why Scott is smiling … I don’t think he knows where he is….


Anywho, that’s about it from our side of the street. Un-eventful and un-busy, just the way we like it. Are you picking a word or un-word of the year? If so, let us know. We’d love to hear it!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “Un-Busy

  1. Dad & I hope to adopt the practice of being “un-stressed out” this year. If we can be more specific with our feelings then we hope there will be less whining… Thanks for the idea… But u can forget about the 30 day “crunch calendar” as far as we’re concerned. Ha!

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