DIY Tree Slice Ornaments

Every year with Scott’s siblings and their spouses we do an ornament exchange in lieu of gifts. This has been a nice change because Scott’s family is chock-full of some creative and artsy people, so the ornaments have been pretty legit.


I had to wait on this post because these were obviously given as gifts this Christmas, so now that we are officially into 2014, I thought I would share with you all!

We originally were going to buy these really awesome Star Wars ornaments from Etsy, but they would have cost us about $10 an ornament. And since I like to get an ornament for each person, we would have been out about $60. Nope, not gonna do it. So that’s when I started looking around. I came across this really cute Etsy page (I can’t find it back or else I’d share) where this lady had Mod Podged some fabric onto a wood slice.

I immediately thought, “I can do this!!” So the weekend before Thanksgiving, I hunted around our yard for a tree branch of regular ornament diameter.


Then, I had Scott run over to our neighbor’s house to snag his miter saw and cut me some slices.


Then I laid out the ones I liked the most (he cut me like 20 of them) and started going through all my fabric scraps and coming up with different designs for the ornament.


I had all my craft paints and anything that could possibly be Mod Podged. After some deliberation and some consultation from the husband, we came up with a simple fabric tree with a burlap trunk and some colorful “ground”. I was too busy listening to Christmas tunes and in my own little craft world to take any “during” photos, but here is the break down:

1. Cut out fabric.
2. Mod Podge tree slice, then lay fabric in place, then Mod Podge over the fabric. Make sure to cover the entire side with the Mod Podge.
3. Let dry, then outline with puff paint.
4. Let puff paint dry overnight, then spray with a sealer. I used a Rustoleum Clear Gloss.
5. Let dry.



Once everything was dry from the clear coat, I broke out our drill and drill bit to make a hole for a piece of jute to fit through. I had a hollow box that I laid the wood slice on so that I could drill through without hitting anything … like our brand new countertops.


Then, I tested them on the tree to see what they would look like.


Perfect! Then I packaged them up into some cute little boxes with ribbon:

New folder4

Each couple received two ornaments but with the colors of the “tree” and “ground” reversed so that each one was unique. Overall it was a fun, creative project that took about two days to do (a couple of hours each day) because of the drying time. And it cost us $0 since I already had everything on hand.

Scott’s sister made us a really cute glass-fused snowman up at the art center where she works. I love all these one-of-a-kind ornaments!

Did you receive any cool ornaments this year? Maybe one of you received those epically awesome Star Wars ones I was looking at, here.

Sorry for the belated post!

– Allie


2 thoughts on “DIY Tree Slice Ornaments

  1. You are so clever. I like the idea of making a Christmas ornament as an exchange. What fun to do and great memories you are making.

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