We’re so vain. Yes, we think this post is about us.

Scott and I hope to have kiddos one day, mainly so we can take photos of them all the time rather than selfies of us! Every year we send out a Christmas card to our friends and families and Scott is becoming more and more annoyed with getting “our” picture taken for the card.

Last year we had our 2-year anniversary/Christmas card photos taken by a friend of ours who does photography on the side. Don’t let that fool you though, she is amazing. This year, I was all set to call her up again but Scott didn’t feel up for it and thought we should try and take our own photos before calling in the pros.

I was a little leery, but I will have to say, some are surprisingly good and definitely usable. There is a university botanical garden close to our house, so we walked on over there right at sunset to snap some photos. We had to rely on the timer on our camera so we had a few funny outtakes, but otherwise they weren’t too bad. We also had a little mini tripod to help steady the camera as well.

Here are some of our better ones:

2013 Christmas Card Photos

I loved the top photo, but the dang pavilion snuck in there!

2013 Christmas Card Photos1

As you can tell, there isn’t much variety between the photos, but I’d like to believe we had fun. Or I at least did! Scott was a good sport since we had planned to head over to the drive-in later that evening and that was all that was on his mind.

Once I get our Christmas cards sent out to our friends and family I’ll share a digital version on here for all you guys along with other Christmasy decorations around the house. But, to tide you over, here is last year’s:


For those of you that send out Christmas cards, you should totally check out Mixbook. I’ve used them the last couple years and with the discount, they are usually cheaper than Shutterfly and other online places. Plus they give you WAY more creative freedom on customizing your card. Wait until Thanksgiving weekend because they usually have 40-50% off their cards. (I’m not receiving any kickback from them, I just like cheap and pretty things.)

Scott and I are hoping to get the house finished up this weekend … so I can FINALLY take all those after photos. It’s kinda funny, but at the beginning of this remodel I predicted that we would be done by October. Scott said by Thanksgiving. So, that means we have about a week left for Scott to win the bet. Ha! A part of me doesn’t believe that Thanksgiving is already upon us and that the time has flown by! I feel like we worked pretty hard on the house these past few months and couldn’t imagine working harder or faster.

Either way, I’m thankful. Thankful that we had the ability to take a lot of this on ourselves, thankful that we had lots of help from friends and family, thankful that Scott and I got along during all of this, so thankful we are pretty much done, and last but not least, thank you to all of you people that have been following along with our crazy … and put up with vain, selfie posts like these! 🙂

– Allie


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